January 23, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Rebel Flesh”

The Doctor lands near a factory that can make doubles for people, but these doubles start to develop minds of their own.

Well, it looks like the TARDIS got lost again.  Or the Doctor did.  You’d think they would have patched things up after the previous episode, but the TARDIS does tend to take the Doctor where he needs to be and not so much where he wants to go.

I am not sure which of those two this counts as.

It was a dark and stormy night, and some humans seem to have these doubles they make in a factory set up in a monastery that also involves a lot of deadly acid.  The doubles can work with the acid while the humans stay safe.  Not a bad deal.

But the TARDIS parked outside because there’s a solar storm coming, and that could be bad.  Granted, the Doctor thinks he’s in the medieval period, something Rory knows is wrong because he hears someone playing Dusty Springfield.

Never doubt Rory’s levels of observation.

So, the trio goes inside, and there are some people working in there, and they show the Doctor something called “the Flesh,” a substance that can take a human form after coming in contact with someone.  These things are ostensibly mindless and completely under their human’s controls, and by just typing that out, you know there’s a twist involved because after everyone blacks out for an hour, two of the Flesh types, called “Gangers” are missing, and it isn’t long before the Doctor and Rory figure things out.  For Rory, it comes when one posing as a woman named Jennifer gets very stretchy and attacks him.  For the Doctor, well, he just notices things.

Now, this wouldn’t be Doctor Who if the two groups wouldn’t have problems getting along, so here we are:  the humans want to know what happened to the people the Gangers replaced, and they don’t think the Gangers are actual people.  The Gangers just want to live, and they sometimes take on a more pale clay appearance.  The other Ganger replaced a woman named Cleaves.  But the real Cleaves is around, and she’s not happy.  So, you know, just as the Doctor is getting both groups to almost get along, she pops up with a weapon that kills a Ganger.


Now it’s war.  Rory has befriended Ganger Jennifer by then, and as he takes her off to comfort her, Amy and the Doctor try to prevent more violence.  Then again, the Doctor did touch the Flesh earlier, so yes, there is a Ganger Doctor.

That could be bad…if it were any other Doctor.  This one is just weird.

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