June 20, 2024

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Jupiter’s Legacy “All The Devils Are Here”

Episode Four

So, in keeping with my observations for the previous episode, there does seem to be a connecting factor between the flashbacks and the present.  This time around it’s, well, people walking around.

Well, that’s more metaphorically true.  Chloe is walking away from any responsibility she might feel as a superhero while in the past, her father Sheldon is unknowingly walking towards his destiny.  He doesn’t know what he’s approaching, and she knows full well and doesn’t much care.

Now, to be fair to Chloe, she does know quite a bit more than she lets on, and it may be a little that she isn’t ready for that level of responsibility or she just doesn’t want it.  She’s a model by profession, but her drinking, drug abuse, and other factors means she loses a lot of gigs and before this episode is over, her manager as well.  It was during that phone call, thinking she had perhaps hit rock bottom, when Hutch hit her with the magic van, and he only barely got away though Chloe seemed to maybe recognize him.

Now, Chloe heard some horror stories from her hero friends about the Blackstar fight.  Chloe had skipped the funeral, and her one-night stand that appeared to be a groupie turned out to be an aspiring hero looking for her to maybe put a good word in for him.  Her response was to punch him through a wall in a moment that looked like something about of a Mark Millar comic.  In this case, that’s a good thing.

Her behavior with the hard partying later also played like one of those for different reasons, but one of her superfriends could patch the hole in the wall shut to appease the landlord.  If anything, Chloe’s response to finding whatever Hutch stole was to start snorting it, and after everyone leaves her party, she’s unconscious on the floor for Hutch to zap in on.

Point is, Chloe is a mess, hitting rock bottom.  So, if this show wasn’t already canceled as I type this, seeing her redeem herself would probably be a lot of fun.  Instead, well, that won’t be happening.

Sheldon’s story is more weird than tragic.  He’s walking the dusty byroads of Kansas, finds an old man played by Kurtwood Smith who is also seeing that weird island, and the best advice Smith can give is that Sheldon should ignore what his dead relatives say.  That would be Sheldon’s father.  And then Smith shoots himself before he can call Sheldon a dumbass, so I felt mildly disappointed as well.

Of course, Sheldon is seeing visions of his friends around a table in that old man’s basement.  That could be…relevant.