Succession “Austerlitz”

So, apropos of nothing, I got a new HDTV recently when my tax refund finally showed up, and I have been enjoying it, but then I put on an episode of Succession and had a thought I never thought I would ever have:

“My God, even Succession looks beautiful!”

But enough of the picture quality.  What about the episode quality?  How will the Roys mess each other up again?  They can do it with one word:  therapy.

Yes, therapy.  As pointed out by Stewy of all people, Logan’s firing of half the board including his own son is not a good look for any company.  The best way to combat something like that which would cause stock prices to drop would of course be to have a corporate/family therapy session to at least look like they are trying to fix their problems.  All Logan wants to know is if the traitor (Kendall) will be there or not.  I mean, of course, Kendall would need to be there.  That’s sort of the point.  Kendell is suing the company for wrongful termination and everything, but he’s also not talking to Logan or, as it turns out, Roman.

Plus, there’s a certain joy to see Connor and Shiv, both getting a text about the therapy session to be held at Connor’s ranch, and both of them wondering if this is some kind of joke.  The Roys don’t do this sort of thing.

But it’s not a joke.  OK, it’s a PR stunt so it’s close to a joke.  Maybe adjacent to a joke.  Off to the side.  It’s not a serious therapy session, that’s for sure.  Logan can only make the same basic statements all the time, only this time, his three kids won’t exactly buy it.  Nothing gets resolved.  If anything, it gets worse.

That’s Logan’s fault.  Mostly.  Sort of.  See, Kendall is a recovering drug addict, and when he didn’t opt to go, Logan said something about an Operation Black Sheep, causing tabloids to have stories that he’d relapsed.  Kendall hasn’t.  But it’s enough for his estranged wife to believe it and keep the kids away since all of Kendall’s claims sound exactly like the ones he used to make while high.  So, he’s not back on drugs.


Oh, he will be.  Once he gets out to New Mexico, he decides to go off the wagon and even tries meth for the first time.  I think it’s a nice touch that Roman is the one to go get him.  Roman seems like the kind of guy who knows a thing or seven about partying too hard.  Logan, after denying (and not convincingly) that he had nothing to do with the stories, is caught, and Kendall, high as a kite, doesn’t believe Logan was abused by a long dead uncle.

Logan’s back the next day tells a different story.

Oh, and Connor only figured out later his dad was using his ranch for a PR stunt.

These people have a lot of problems.  Maybe next time they should try real therapy.  This time it ended when the therapist jumped into Connor’s pool and broke his nose and teeth.  That’s…probably not a good sign.  Or, you know, it’s par for the course for these people.

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