May 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “Day Of The Moon”

The Doctor has to defeat an alien foe that people forget about as soon as they stop looking at them...including the Doctor!

You know, it’s hard not to notice that Doctor Who is essentially a British show, but it becomes a bit more noticeable in episodes like this when Richard Nixon is actually a helpful ally to the Doctor.  I just don’t see that happening on an American show.

Granted, the Doctor does make a David Frost reference at the end of the episode, so it wasn’t like they totally ignored Watergate as a thing.

So, here’s a problem:  what do you do about an alien race that, as soon as you stop looking at it, you forget it exists?  That’s the problem the Doctor is facing.  He, Amy, Rory, River, and Canton Edward Delaware III know these mysterious beings, eventually revealing their name to be “the Silence,” have successfully invaded Earth.  Like, in ages long since past.  They were around for the invention of the wheel.  People just don’t remember them.

By the way, that forgetting thing is powerful stuff.  Even the Doctor doesn’t remember them later, and anything the group learns about the aliens even indirectly they tend to slowly forget over time.  There’s even one on the TARDIS the five of them forget about.

Is it still there?

Regardless, the Silence want something with that little girl in the astronaut suit, and they want humanity to go to the moon.  They really need that space suit for some reason, plus the little girl.  That leads the Doctor to do…something to the Apollo lander, Rory and River to help there, and Amy and Canton to investigate an orphanage with a very forgetful guy working there.  The Silence…well, there are a lot of them in there.  Amy does find the girl, and a photo of herself holding a baby.  Is this girl Amy’s baby?  She thought she was pregnant before…

Well, it may not matter.  The Silence kidnap Amy, but Canton (as an American he reminds us) has no problem pulling a guy and wounding one.  The Silence basically aren’t indestructible.  That whole “forget I exist” thing makes them feel cocky enough to go places unarmed.

See, the whole thing is based on some kind of mass post-hypnotic suggestion.  If the Doctor can insert some new directions in there, he can stop the Silence.  As he is the Doctor, once he gets the TARDIS down to wherever Amy is, he gives them all a chance to surrender.  By then, Canton had goaded the wounded one to tell him what that alien thought humans should do to his kind if they were smart.  That would be to kill the Silence on sight.

Oh boy.  That was dumb.  All the Doctor did was thread that message into the moon landing transmission so everyone watching the thing at the time would now have an instinctual drive to kill the Silence on sight.

So much for that invasion.

By the by, River is an excellent shot for an archaeologist.

Well, that solves some mysteries.  Not all of them.  What did the Silence need with that spacesuit?  Why did the Doctor die in the previous episode only for a younger version of himself to show up?  Who was it in the spacesuit who pulled the trigger?  And what happened to that little girl?

Oh, she’s wandering the streets of New York…and she seems to be regenerating…