February 27, 2024

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Gotham “Transference”

Season Two Finale

Some idiot revived Fish Mooney and gave her mind control powers.

And that may be one of the least crazy things in this season finale.

See, Fish Mooney is one of those campy, over-the-top characters who does nothing but cause trouble for perennial good guy Jim Gordon but–and this is the important part–that could more or less describe half the cast of Gotham.  But by this point, the series divided itself into half-season long storyarcs, and here at the end of season two, what exactly did I learn about whatever is going on in Gotham City?

Well, to put it bluntly, some shadowy types not only wanted Bruce’s parents dead, but they also wanted Hugo Strange to either revive the dead, make monsters, or both.  Because we got both.

By the by, the Clayface-as-Gordon thing was really silly that it took Barbara of all people to notice how weird he was acting.  The fact that she slapped him did make me wonder if the effect was bad make-up effects or worse CGI, but it happened and was just a sign of what this show has become:  revelations about what’s happening in Gotham City sandwiched between the weird and crazy.

Like, say, Ed Nygma trying out his Riddler shtick on Bruce and Lucius.  Except his riddles were more to figure out what the pair knew (not much).

Strange was doing the same thing with Gordon a ton of drugs.

Mr. Freeze and Firefly got into a fight when Selina objected to killing Strange’s prisoners and Firefly decided to protect her sidekick.  That ended when Strange somehow got shot by both Freeze’s gun and Firefly’s flamethrower at the exact same time and, here’s the part that didn’t make sense if you think about it for just a second, he was basically stunned for a minute but otherwise OK.

Fish got out of Arkham with a bus full of, well, monsters that I may never get to see much of.  Her old associates Penguin and Butch saw her.  Penguin fainted.  Butch ran.  Both are reasonable reactions.

Gordon and Lucius put out a bomb when Strange’s assistant seemed to suggest dumping water on it.  It worked, but she was delirious and asking for a drink.

What did all this cover up?  What was the thing at the middle of all the weird?  Oh, some powerful rich types are really controlling things and Hugo Strange works for them.  He’s also petrified of them.

Granted, I am not sure why a bunch of freaks in masks want a busload of monster men, but they all got off in the city when a friendly homeless woman opened the bus door.  And the last one…looked exactly like young Bruce.

So, yeah, this will only get weirder.