April 24, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith Part 2”

Rani, Clyde, Luke, and K9 need to rescue Sarah Jane.

Well, here I am at another series finale before the last half-series of episodes.  Given what I know, that this was the last serial to air before the death of Elisabeth Sladen, there were just these little moments throughout the episode that made what was probably meant to be another fun, zippy finale into something at least a little melancholy.

I mean, here we have a situation where Sarah Jane is trapped in a cell with an alien’s “stomach,” and she is going to slowly die as this stomach drains her lifeforce away unless Rani and Clyde can stop bickering long enough to rescue her.  They’re both rather quick to blame each other when Ruby says Sarah Jane left without saying goodbye.

As it is, Clyde gets a clue from Mr. Smith, but that just has Ruby transport him to what was her orbital prison because even though K9 identifies Ruby’s alien race as a “soul sucker,” even her own people thought Ruby was pretty rotten.  It doesn’t help that Ruby’s own supercomputer Mr. White is really just a holographic game system that Ruby used to trick everybody.

However, there’s one thing Ruby didn’t account for:  Luke coming home early.  With Rani cautioning Luke to use logic instead of charging over to Sarah Jane’s house, and they develop a plan that involves K9 hacking Mr. White to get Clyde back, it really was rather easy all told for the kids to prevail.  Sure, Ruby snarls like a good villain should, but she never stood a chance.  She ends up back in her prison, and Mr. Smith, once repaired, can send it off to possibly fly into the sun.

Sure, she screams she’ll be back, and if Sladen had lived longer, perhaps she would have.

And, that was that.  Sarah Jane lives, Luke is home for a period, Rani’s parents are glad the meteor shower Sarah Jane faked wasn’t real–everyone on Earth being freaked out by sudden death hit Ruby too hard since she normally fed on the stuff–, and Clyde got hit in the face with some pink goo when the stomach deflated.

So, a fairly light plot like the show always does, but centered around the idea Sarah Jane was dying, and with the title, at one point said out loud by Ruby, sure did have a double meaning given Sladen’s death came after this serial aired.  Sure, there are three more two-part stories, but that’s all this rather delightful family-friendly show ever gave us.

I’ll get back to finish off The Sarah Jane Adventures a little later.  For now, I think I’m going to go back to see what the Doctor has been up to before finishing off both Sarah Jane and Torchwood.

Of course, at this rate, I’ll probably be out of all things Doctor Who in a couple more months.  What will I do for weekday afternoons then?  Well, I have some time to decide.