The Sarah Jane Adventures “Lost In Time Part 2”

Well, Sarah Jane, Rani, and Clyde each went to a different time period to retrieve a mystery item to stop a mystery crisis.  Or, you know, a Tuesday.

So, the mysterious Shopkeeper says they need to find three objects from three different time periods.  If they get their hands on the object, they get beamed back, but despite the fact this is time travel and they should be able to reappear at any time, there’re on a clock.

So, each of the heroes need to do something different during a period where time is in flux and things that shouldn’t happen might.  Rani actually gets hers done rather easily.  She stops an assassination attempt on Lady Jane Grey, the English woman who, through machinations of male relatives, was Queen of England for nine days.  All Rani is doing is delaying the inevitable, but Rani decides to hang around for a while and comfort the spooked young woman until Lady Jane is brave enough to face death,  Then she picks up the dagger that almost killed Lady Jane and goes home.

Clyde has to deal with Nazis with a local boy named George.  George wants to fight, but he’s just a kid.  The local schoolteacher says the Nazis took over the village, but she turns out to be a Nazi spy herself, and the whole thing is to somehow slip an invasion force into England in a radar gap.  Clyde fools everyone with some flashing lights and noise on his mobile, then barricades himself and George in the church bell tower and rings the bell to summon the home guard.  Clyde advises George not sign up for the military until at least 1945.  Then he goes home.

So, Rani’s case was emotional, Clyde’s was physical, and Sarah Jane’s…she needs to solve a mystery with a young woman named Emily.  Emily’s mother died in a fire, and she thinks she sees and hears ghosts in this old house.  The artifact needed is a key, and Sarah Jane can’t grab it for some reason.  Emily can if she concentrates, and the “ghosts”–psychic impressions across multiple years–can also hear Emily and she manages to help the kids escape the fire, changing her past and securing her future.  But then Sarah Jane loses the key before she returns to the present and whatever awful thing is about to happen will happen.

Until some random old lady shows up with the key.  The Shopkeeper gets to fix everything, suggests his parrot is in charge of whatever is going on, and off he goes.  The other three talk openly without explaining anything to the old lady, Emily’s granddaughter given explicit instructions on when and where to take the key, so that woman takes all this in stride.  And…they all saved time and space apparently.

Yeah, I try not to think about things like that too hard sometimes.

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