The Sarah Jane Adventures “Lost In Time Part 1”

So, this episode brought in what was meant to be a new reoccurring character, known as the Shopkeeper.  But, you know, Elisabeth Sladen died and the show ended, so this two parter is basically his big appearance.

Who is the Shopkeeper?  Well, he’s some eccentric fellow with a parrot and a shop (obviously) who looks like a discount version of a secondary Harry Potter character.  He managed to lure Sarah Jane, Rani, and Clyde to his shop with a newspaper story suggesting there was an alien somewhere.  It might be the Shopkeeper.  It might be the parrot.  I don’t even know anymore.

Point is, he says he needs to send the three of them back to different points in time and the three of them have done time travel before, so it could be easy.

Anyway, that means the three are separated in different time periods.  Rani is now a Lady-in-Waiting for Lady Jane Grey, a woman who was Queen of England for nine whole days due to the mechanization of others before she was executed.

Clyde finds himself on the coast with another kid watching some Nazis come on shore to scout out a possible invasion.  They get captured in a nearby church.

And Sarah Jane is in the nineteenth century with a young girl in a big house looking for ghosts.  Only they might just be voices from the past and not ghosts.

Well, that’s three characters in three different time periods   They need to find three artifacts or…well, I don’t know.  Something will happen.

Oh, and the Shopkeeper is worried because it turns out some other device might leave them all trapped in the past forever.  Maybe that guy should have thought more along those lines before he just started sending people he just met to other time periods.

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