February 21, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Empty Planet Part 2”

Clyde and Rani need to figure out why everyone disappeared before a pair of robots do...something.

There isn’t a whole lot, plot-wise, to this two-parter.  It’s more of a character piece.

That’s actually rather cool.

So, to review, everyone on Earth disappeared except for Clyde, Rani, and some kid named Gavin.  Then a pair of robots, one red and one yellow, show up, point glowing fingers at Clyde and Rani separately, and that’s that.  Can the two teens figure out what happened?

In a nutshell, yeah.  Gavin rescues Rani while Clyde does the mannequin challenge a few years early.  The three meet up, and this is where Clyde and Rani basically figure everything out.  Well, not quite, but they do realize why they’re still hanging around:  because the Judoon barred the pair from leaving the Earth, so whoever took everyone away doesn’t want to anger the space cops.

Maybe don’t mention the Doctor and Clyde switched places a couple times to get the kid on an alien planet.

The next clue comes when the robots return, and while the three kids scatter, Clyde and Rani are more or less cornered and…nothing happens.  The glowing fingers are scanners, not ray guns.  Getting the pair back together, Clyde figures out how to teach the robots English by showing them a tabloid paper, and while it sounds like they shunted everyone else off to another dimension in order to get something during a countdown of some sort, what they really want what sounds like the sun and the air.  Rani is the one who figures out that it’s really the “son and the heir”.

Yeah, Gavin is an alien prince.  The kid doesn’t know it, but Clyde and Rani figure out where he went and then they bring the robots to the boy, get him to take a ring off that was shielding him from the robots without his knowledge, and he learns he’s the new king of another world that looks like the Land of Oz.  So, with seconds left, King Gavin orders the robots return everyone and makes Rani and Clyde a Lady and a Lord, respectively.

So, everyone comes back, and Clyde and Rani saved the day mostly because they learned a lot from Sarah Jane.  That’s the sort of nice, character-based story I can get behind.

Maybe Sarah Jane can do a bit more in the next one.