March 2, 2024

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Gotham “A Legion Of Horribles”

Season Two, Episode Twenty-One

Wait, Azrael got blown to bits.  Why are there two more episodes left to…oh, he isn’t the real villain here.

Nope, the real villain is Hugo Strange, and sure, Harvey may be holding down the position of acting police captain (does Gotham only have one precinct house?), there’s still justice to be done, and when Selina doesn’t come back, Bruce figures he’ll just have to go in there and get her.

That…is a terrible idea according to Alfred.  Even with Lucius there with a Geiger counter to check for the radiation Strange is using to revive the dead and Gordon hiding in the trunk of Bruce’s car, that doesn’t mean the three won’t get caught.

Because, you know, all three get caught.  Not all at once.  But they’re caught.  Lucius and Bruce are put in one cell, Gordon gets to meet one of Strange’s latest inmates, and Selina is still in there trying to get through to Bridget before he friend barbecues her.

Fun fact:  flamethrowers are actually terrible weapons.  They burn out of fuel very quickly, don’t shoot very far, and they make the guy holding it a very obvious target.  And you probably thought the first sentence in this paragraph was just referring to how bad it is to get cooked alive by a laughing pyromaniac.

Selina is really trying to avoid being cooked alive by a now fireproof pyromaniac.  She’s only being partially successful in that Bridget does remember something but still wants to cook the Cat.

OK, so, all this is bad.  How can is be worse?

Well, Strange is trying to revive the dead.  He got Theo back, but made him into Azrael.  Just because Bullock said on the news that some unknown person blew Galavan into a bazillion pieces doesn’t mean Strange won’t mix and match other dead folks’ DNA to bring them back with superpowers.  It’s what any aspiring mad scientist does in his spare time, and Hugo has a sponsor from the looks of things in the form of a mysterious woman in a feathery mask.

Small problem for Hugo:  most of his revived don’t remember their time before they died, something of a problem.  Sure, they may get some nifty superpowers, but they’re not who they used to be, and molding someone into something else is not what the Masked Woman wants.

Oh, but Hugo has one success:  Fish Mooney remembers exactly who she is.  Way to go, Hugo.  You picked the aspiring mob boss to bring back, and she was strong-willed enough to keep her memories.  Also, now she has mind control powers based on touching people.  That will go very, very wrong.

Then again, Hugo also made himself a Clayface to impersonate Gordon.

Remember when this show was just a cop looking into the deaths a rich kid’s parents and it at least pretended to be realistic?  Sure, that was only true for about ten seconds of the pilot episode, but here we are with shapeshifting dudes, fireproof arsonists, and mind controlling mob bosses.  I think I know why I stuck with this thing.