April 24, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Vault Of Secrets Part 2”

Sarah Jane needs to avoid a killer android and an alien that possesses bodies.

OK, Luke doesn’t even appear in this episode.  You can drop him from the series opening.

Well, maybe that can happen later.  I mean, this serial features two characters named Ocean Waters and Minty.  Between that and a Man in Black with a gun for a hand, and he isn’t an Auton, that can lead to problems.

The problem is mostly Androvax jumping from one body to another, starting off in Clyde, making a run for it when Mr. Dread showed up, jumping into Gita, and shooting that forked tongue out of the mouth of whoever he was sitting in.

Some of those actors were really enjoying playing a lizard man to judge by their facial expressions during tongue sightings.

Look, Androvax is a murderous jackass who has blown up whole planets.  He’s dying, but Sarah Jane will help him get the survivors of his race out of a hidden spaceship where they sit in suspended animation.  It’s just guarded by Dread and his two pals, but Androvax isn’t exactly a patient fellow even when he isn’t dying, so getting both the opening disks to the massive door hiding the spaceship suggests he’s just going to do that.

You know, the android Men in Black aren’t so tough.  Clyde took out two of the three just by getting them to accidentally blast each other, and he got some cool shades in the bargain.  But really, what is the problem with just letting Androvax’s people go?

Oh, their spaceship is massive and would destroy the Earth if it took off.  That explains a few things.  Plus, Androvax doesn’t really care if anyone on Earth gets hurt.  And after possessing Sarah Jane, he even gets the door open and takes one of the two disks with him, preventing anyone from following him as he turns on the engines.

Yeah, I think I see the problem here.

Good thing Dread’s underground base has a transmat, and that Dread has a 500 year long battery charge that can be used to give the thing enough power to beam the ship into space.  Sure, that burns off 450 years, but that’s something.

Dread was OK after all.

Not OK is Gita who wants to go on the TV and tell everyone what happened.

Still OK is Dread who will use the last of his power to make Gita forget because all Men in Black can do that.

So, the day is saved and Ocean and Minty are as disappointed as whoever named them.  Gita doesn’t believe in aliens anymore.  Sarah Jane can just go home.

And in the next episode, some familiar faces return…faces who have never actually appeared on Sarah Jane’s show before…