May 27, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Vault Of Secrets Part 1”

Sarah Jane decides to help a body-hopping genocidal alien.

Well, with Luke away at Oxford, he’s not going to be on the show anymore I would imagine but…oh, there he is on a computer screen.

Granted, it’s just a cameo, but that’s all for now.

So, apparently, the Men in Black are real in this universe, and a young woman is trying to break into a place for some reason, but when those jackasses with their ray gun hands come stomping out, she runs off.  Oh, and she was possessed by that genocidal dick Androvax.

Man, the Judoon prison isn’t what it’s made out to be.

However, therein lies the problem, as we cut to Sarah Jane’s house where she and Mr. Smith are messing with a NASA Mars rover to make sure they don’t find a certain pyramid she knows a lot about but that’s better  no one else know about.

Enter Androvax in Rani’s body, but not before Gita spotted him.  Gita had joined an alien support group full of hippie types that she brings over to Sarah Jane’s, but Sarah Jane manages to get them to leave because they sure do seem silly.  She likewise gets Androvax out of Rani, and he wants some help.  It seems that he isn’t the sole survivor of his people, but the others, about 100 in total, are in suspended animation and being held in a place he can’t get into.  Will Sarah Jane help him before he dies because he’s dying too?

As it is, yes, Sarah Jane will go with Clyde and Rani to look into things with a partial device to get Androvax’s people out.  Clyde isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but as far as anyone knows, the others are innocent.

But then those Men in Black show up, and they sure are unfriendly.  There are no aliens with our heroes, so they manage to get away.

Also, Sarah Jane finds evidence that one of Gita’s new friends isn’t a flake making things up.  So, hey, go over there with Androvax now in Clyde’s body.  Sure enough, she has the other half of the gizmo they need.  Also sure enough, that Man in Black named Mr. Dread bursts through the door, looking to vaporize some scrubs.

There were a lot of jerks in this episode.