May 27, 2024

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Gotham “Unleashed”

Season Two, Episode Twenty.

This episode has Hugo Strange preemptively shredding all the documents in his office when the cops show up with a warrant and Selina breaking into Arkham only to find Ed Nygma breaking out the same way.

And yet, this episode is basically Everybody Hates Theo.

Look, Gotham City make no sense in many, many ways.  Theo Galavan gets elected mayor and takes the job over, like, immediately after he kidnapped the previous mayor.  Finding the missing mayor in Galavan’s place somehow does not get Theo removed from power.  True, the victim refused to testify, but that’s neither here not there.  He was the most recognizable man in the city, and someone (Hugo Strange) thought it would be a good idea to dress him up in a suit of medieval armor, tell him he was a knight/assassin, and send him off to kill Jim Gordon, the second most recognizable man in the city.

I am not sure that is such a good idea, personally, but I live in the real world.

However, after he stabbed Barnes (not fatally) and got his face shown on TV, this whole thing seems to turn into everyone in Gotham City trying to take this guy down.  Gordon and Bullock go to Tabitha, causing Butch, world’s friendliest gangster, to wonder aloud whether or not their place even has security.

Of course, it does seem obvious to me that Gordon and Bullock know where these guys were to start with.

Tabitha doesn’t like her brother, of course.  She did betray the guy once.  And she knows the family lore.  That means it’s off to church to get the real sword.  Too bad Azrael/Theo gets there too.  He does eventually remember who he is thanks to Tabitha, so to thank her, he stabs her with the real sword.

But Theo isn’t a very effective killer when it comes to name characters.  Multiple cops and a nameless priest?  Sure!  Tabitha or Barnes?  Nope!

Of course, remembering who he is means Theo isn’t really Azrael anymore.  Sure, he still has the sword and the bulletproof armor, but he’s not Azrael anymore.  Now he just wants to kill Bruce Wayne again.

Cripes, get this guy a hobby.  It’s why I would never vote for him.  I mean, I can get behind his tax plan, but his “kill Bruce Wayne” policy is a bridge too far for me.

That just leads to what looks like everyone whaling on this guy because, well, everybody hates him.

Alfred gets into a good sword fight before being knocked out a window.

Bruce runs him over with a car.

Gordon, who somehow knew to go there, unloaded his gun on him.  Too bad there was that thing about “bulletproof armor”.

And then in comes the Penguin, having made a deal with Butch and Tabitha, and he has the right weapon:  Butch armed with a bazooka.

Theo blowed up good.

Butch wishes everyone a good evening because he’s the world’s friendliest mobster.

Well, that was something.  Maybe next time they can just have a recall election.

Oh, and Selina found her friend Bridget…who calls herself Firefly now.  Someone gave her another flamethrower, too…