August 14, 2022

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Mare Of Easttown “Sore Must Be The Storm”

Episode Six.

Yeah, look, I knew last time that Katie Bailey and the other woman’s kidnapper wasn’t going to be the guy who killed Erin McMenamin.  There were two episodes left, and that fellow had an alibi for the night of the murder.

So, who did do it?

That’s a good question, and there I was wondering what Mare’s friend Lori had to do with, oh, anything, and it turns out a locket Mare found in Erin’s room with a date engraved on it, well, that date came from a Ross family reunion.  She was a cousin of Lori’s husband John.  Something might be going on there.

Still, John was kicked out of the house because Lori thinks he’s screwing around on her…again apparently.  This actually is building to something.  Sure, there’s one episode after this one, so how this one ends is probably not the whole truth, but it’s there alright.

Besides, this story is also about Mare, well, healing over the death of her son.  She goes a step forward here, listening when her therapist tells her she didn’t really ever mourn her son’s death and even taking Drew over to Carrie’s without any issues.  She’s doing better.

Oh, and then one step back when Zabel’s mother slaps her and says Mare never thinks of the consequences of her actions or something along those lines.  True, this woman is hurting herself, but arguably Mare does nothing but think of the consequences of various actions.  That sends her home crying to her mother, and this same episode saw Helen flip off the press, so can I remind everyone how awesome Helen is?

So, anyway, Mare is back in charge of the investigation, possibly because she does know more than anyone about it still alive.  She’s looking back over old suspects, and then there’s John, asking Lori not to tell Mare about how his brother Billy came back from the woods covered in blood the night Erin died, and later we see John pressuring Billy to turn himself in for the killing.

OK, so, like I said, one episode left, and as Mare goes off to arrest Billy as he and John are going fishing one last time, it sure would look like Billy did it.  But the chief got a photo of some kind, one almost burned with the rest of Erin’s stuff but salvaged by a friend who took it to the cops.  It’s enough to get the chief to ask people to call Mare and…yeah, Billy didn’t do it either.

Why do I suspect the actual killer is going to be one, big, awful revelation?

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