February 26, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Nightmare Man Part 1”

Luke has some anxieties.

So, the villain for this serial is played by actor Julian Bleach.  Sure, he played a nasty baddie for an episode of Torchwood, but I think the better way to think about him is…he’s the actor currently playing Davros over on the parent show for this series.

We now return to my regularly scheduled half-assed write-up.

OK, so, here was something I wasn’t quite expecting:  character development for Luke.  Not that Like has never had any, but Luke’s primary characteristic is he’s awkward because he’s basically artificially created to be some kind of peak human.  He’s incapable of getting sick, brilliantly smart, and socially awkward.  That last one has generally been shown to be his only real flaw.

So…what is he afraid of?  Not the Slitheen.  He and the family made another one explode in the opening scene after some ominous narration from Luke said he doomed the world or something.

No, Luke got accepted to go to college early.  He’s leaving home in a few days, and while Clyde doesn’t like it, Rani and Sarah Jane are generally happy for him and K9, well, he’s a robot dog who argues with a supercomputer.

Turns out Luke has some anxieties like everyone else.  He starts having bad dreams about the others not missing him or even quickly replacing him with some other goober kid.  See, Luke has fears like everybody else.

However, this is weird because he doesn’t have bad dreams.  Rani even says so when Luke casually mentions the first one.    So…that means an outside influence, right?  Some evil thing coming through Luke’s dreams…

Holy crap!  It’s the Joker!

Or, um, the Nightmare Man.  And if Luke doesn’t somehow stop falling asleep, that jerk can come into the real world and…Luke’s trapped in a black void of unconsciousness, isn’t he?