March 2, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Home”

Season Four, Episode Seven

OK…after all those episodes of, I suppose “complaining” is the right word, about June’s plot armor, we now have an episode where she can actually be vulnerable and not have to somehow be seen as invincible all over the place.

This might be more my speed.

See, June got to Canada and successfully asked for and was given asylum.  Luke takes her first to a very nice hotel where she takes a long shower (she is covered in very bad bruises), sleeps for a good 17 hours, and gets an apology…from Luke for not getting her out.

Seems they both feel guilty about Hannah, but June at least can fill Luke in on that one meeting she had with their daughter.

Essentially, this is an episode for June to, well, decompress in freedom.  That means enjoying a hot shower, something she probably hasn’t had in years, and to sleep in a comfortable bed again.

Not that she bounced right back to normality.  A trip to the supermarket seemed to inspire something like a panic attack, and that came after what was seen as a bit of a shock when she could see the plentiful wares and many, many varieties of potato chip on display, something Gilead clearly didn’t have.

But there are kids with their actual mothers, couples holding hands, and two Muslim women wearing robes that are similar to June’s old Handmaid clothes.  But then she has a moment where she can’t seem to move by a bottled water display.

Sure, there are happier moments, like a reunion with Emily, Rita, and Moira, plus getting Nichole back.  But June is clearly suffering from PTSD.  That’s appropriate and right.  As Moira says at one point, Gilead really screwed up sex for all of them, such that when June does go to get something for herself from Luke, she clamps a hand over his mouth because that is for her and she doesn’t need to know he’s also enjoying it.

Oh, and she’s still angry.  She lets Serena Joy know that much, condemning her unborn child to death in an angry shout.

That must have felt good…well, the baby doesn’t deserve that, but I think I’ve made it clear how I feel about Serena Joy and any attempt to rehabilitate the character.  All the shouting does is send Serena back to Wienie Fred.

Still, June is somewhere that may be safer…but it might take a while for her to see it that way, and that is entirely appropriate.