March 2, 2024

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Succession “Sad Sack Wasp Trap”

Season One, Episode Four

The idea of a charity ball is, at least on the surface, about the wealthy and powerful gathering at a swanky party to donate a large sum of money to a worthy cause.  I suppose that more money could theoretically be raised if, you know, the expensive party portion was somehow removed, but that’s not the problem when the Roys throw one of those things.

None of the Roys are exactly good people by any normal definition of “good”.  At this point, it seems fairly likely that given the toxic environment the younger members grew up in, and the extreme wealth and power they all to one degree or another enjoy, that being “good” or “normal” is something that they could never be anyway.  I’ve heard stories about how people born into extreme wealth have a really hard time relating to or understanding people without the same level of means.  Heck, just observing some of the more public ones can make that somewhat obvious.

Kendall, at least, to his credit maybe gets that much and wants to be that “good and normal” but also understands that because of who and what he is, that just ain’t happening.

So, at the annual Roy family charity ball, let’s take a look at how each member of the family is, well, enjoying the evening.

Kendall is spending the evening with a date who isn’t much interested in him.  He has a speech to give during which he plans to make a joke about how his father, who has been second-guessing and undermining Kendall at every turn, will never retire.  Oh, and the second-guessing and undermining part is the more civilized thing Logan has been doing to Kendall at the office.  That speech all goes away when his father takes the stage instead and makes an announcement that he’s going back to work full time despite the fact to the audience that Logan isn’t up it yet.

Logan, for his part, berates Kendall for something Kendall apparently wasn’t even planning on doing, and that came from a tip from Connor.

Connor is just plain weird, berating the people running the gala for the most trivial of reasons like these things matter and having the most unasked-for cringiest possible conversations on race with an African American dancer that tells me the only reason Logan isn’t trying to box Connor in is because Connor is harmless to Logan, someone who will not only never take over the company but is unlikely to even try.

Shiv is doing damage control for a Democratic client since her dad’s network is running…a, let’s say, inappropriate image, even offering up other less savory clients in exchange for the news people to knock off the coverage, something that seems wrong on more levels than I care to count.

Her soon-to-be-husband Tom took over the parks division and learned there’s a lot of crime swept under the rug by these people and considered going clean after telling exactly twp people about it:  Shiv and Greg.  Greg swore it wasn’t him when the Waystar attorney privately reprimanded Tom.

It was Greg, though, showing he’s got a lot of Roy in him after all.

And Roman..Roman’s just gross.

Lovely people.  I dig the show, but am I watching because I want to see the wealthy, powerful, and oblivious fall flat on their faces on a consistent basis?

Maybe.  That’s actually good enough for me.