August 16, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Lodger”

The Doctor rents an apartment.

You know, there’s something nice and different about the Eleventh Doctor.  He’s a lot more disconnected from other people than most, and he’s outright odd.  Past Doctors could pass for at least a mildly eccentric human.  This Doctor?  He doesn’t seem to understand how any other people work.

Naturally, he’s the one who needs to rent an apartment.

A problem occurs when some kind of time disturbance hits and the Doctor goes to investigate.  Small problem:  as soon as the TARDIS arrives, the Doctor gets off, and something goes crazy.  The TARDIS blasts off again into the time stream with Amy still inside and the Doctor, well, not.

24 hours later, he arrives at the doorstep of one Craig Owens, a quiet fellow smitten with his friend, co-worker, and neighbor Sophie.  He’s also played by James Corden, so, there’s that.  The Doctor knows there’s a flat to rent in the building, preferably not from the second floor since it seems to be the sort of place where people go in and then they don’t come back out.  But that’s for later.  In the meantime, the Doctor has a bag full of money, so he gets to move in and slowly seems to ruin Craig’s comfortable life of emotional confusion.

I mean, this is the Doctor.  He tells Craig not to touch some mildew on the ceiling.  Craig does later and it knocks the poor guy out for a while.  The Doctor’s encouragement might make Sophie move away to take care of monkeys on another continent.  Also, while never giving a name, the Doctor becomes a star player on Craig’s pick-up football team despite the fact the Doctor wasn’t even sure what sport he was playing until he got there.  Heck, the Doctor filled in for Craig at his job while he was out of it from touching the not-mildew and did a better job than Craig usually does.

Plus, he built a weird machine in his room.  That’s the last straw for Craig, so the Doctor…somehow psychically tells Craig the truth.  This also comes after the Doctor appears to have a conversation with a cat that has been upstairs, a place the Doctor is suspicious of.  Getting it now, Craig is willing to help, especially as Sophie just went upstairs to do…whatever it is the upstairs resident wants.

Oh, but here’s the kicker.  Amy, on the phone with the Doctor, says there is no upstairs.

OK, time to go.  There’s a primitive time machine up there, and the AI program is calling in humans to try and pilot the thing.  But humans are incompatible, so they tend to die.  Craig and the Doctor just manage to pull Sophie free, but the machine might pull the Doctor in, and he most assuredly does not want to go.  But if Craig, who doesn’t want to go anywhere and is deeply in love with Sophie, touches instead, tells her how he feels, that will override the system and stop the whole mess.  Plus, it turns out Sophie is smitten with Craig, so the two of them cause the machine to go boom.  No damage done, the mildew is gone, and Craig and Sophie can canoodle on the sofa.  With the time machine gone, Amy can get the TARDIS back to the Doctor, and as long as she leaves a note for him to read in the past, he’ll know where to go in the first place.

Except Amy then finds that engagement ring Rory gave her…

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