Doctor Who “Cold Blood”

Once again, the Doctor is attempting to negotiate a peace between humans and Silurians, and that never ends well.

How this one ends is a bit different.

See, the problem is first that there’s a Silurian militant named Restac who, well, must have gone to the Bender R. Bending School of Human Relations because she wants to do is Kill All The Humans.

The second problem is her sister, the captured Silurian on the surface, won’t counteract the poison she injected Nice Craster with, and his daughter accidentally tasered the captive to death.  OK, the captive was goading her the whole time, but it still happened, and both Nice Craster and Rory (who says you have to trust the Doctor) is really upset by all this.

However, it turns out what set the Silurians off was Nice Craster and Nasreen’s drill was going to puncture the Silurian oxygen tanks.  They didn’t know that, and the Doctor does find reasonable Silurians, namely a scientist who is more than happy to reunite Miner Mo with his son, and old minister Eldane who narrates the episode, to negotiate with.

So, leaving Amy and Nasreen to negotiate a truce with Eldane, the Doctor is pleased to see things might be working out.  Heck, they are making progress when Rory and the others show up with the dead Silurian because Rory believes it was right to return her to her people and the Doctor sees young Eliot will make sure that humans learn to be better by sharing stories about the Silurians.  Eldane realizes it isn’t time for them to wake up yet, and Nice Craster wasn’t dying from poison but more like he was being mutated, so he and Nasreen offer to hibernate with the Silurians.

Oh sure, there’s a race to the top to stop the drill, and the Doctor is disappointed in Ambrose (Mo’s wife, Eliot’s mother, Nice Craster’s daughter), but he also sees it as a learning opportunity.  Restac almost ran a successful coup, but Eldane’s narration at the end says the negotiations were successful when the Silurians woke up again 1,000 years later.  So, for once, the Doctor’s efforts there paid off…eventually.

But there was some tragedy.  That lousy crack in time is back, and the Doctor does manage to gingerly extract some shrapnel because if something exploded there should be some shrapnel, but then that jerk Restac shows up to shoot the Doctor.  Rory pushes the Doctor out of the way and dies near the crack, meaning when the energy from the crack hits him, he’ll never exist, and while Amy is initially very upset they couldn’t take him from there, she forgets Rory existed and even sees herself on her own on the other side of the ravine.  Looks like only the Doctor remembers poor Rory.

I actually recently saw a YouTube video on “Unluckiest Doctor Who characters” that listed Rory first ahead of even the Doctor and the Master.  So, yeah, I might wanna get used to this.

Then again, that shrapnel the Doctor grabbed turned out to be a piece of the TARDIS…

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