July 1, 2022

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Succession “Lifeboats”

Season One, Episode Three

I’m three episodes into this show, and like Ozark before it I really like what I see, but I often have no idea what to say about this show on an episode by episode basis.  There’s a lot going on, some of which will almost certainly pay off later, but what should I even be talking about?

I mean, last week I mentioned how the Roy children were incapable of dealing with their dad’s trip to the hospital following a stroke.  Maybe this week I can point out the bigger problem is I don’t think anyone raised those kids to be able to take care of anything.

OK, maybe not anything.  By all indications, Shiv is good at her job as a political consultant and Connor’s ranch hasn’t collapsed into bankruptcy or anything.  In fact, let’s set Connor aside since he’s his own animal off doing his own thing.  I don’t think he has the keys to competency or anything, but let’s just set him aside.

Instead, let’s look at how the other two boys are trying to run the family business and how Shiv is trying to gain access to her bedridden father after Marcia basically says no one else can see him.

Shiv’s instincts are to treat Marcia like she would the opposition for one of her political campaigns and hire an ex-boyfriend to do opposition research.  That actually brings up…nothing at all.  Either Marcia has some really deep skeletons or she didn’t exist at some point in her twenties.  It is enough for Shiv to bully her way past Marcia but not enough to spare her the therapy bills when her out-of-it, bedridden father thinks she is his wife and starts to guide her hand down his pajama pants.

Marcia’s reply after all that is, “If you want to know, try asking next time.”  Marcia may be my new favorite character.

But then there’s the boys, faced with the need to find a lot of money or keep the stock from going into the basement before someone calls in a very large debt.  Kendall tries…swearing?  Really?  He also consults a college friend turned venture capitalist, and that all leads to…well, he does find the funds by eventually convincing that guy, Stewy Hosseini, into investing in the family company.

Roman, meanwhile, seems to think better by doing some shirtless wrestling poses in the boardroom.

Pathetic cousin Greg, meanwhile, sees Stewy chatting in the park with Logan’s business rival Sandy Furness.  That can’t possibly be good.

Now, Kendall’s actions, drastic though they are, do save the company, and his father’s first coherent line in the episode, also the last one, is to tell his son what an idiot he is.  However, it occurs to me that maybe this situation could have been avoided it, I dunno, Logan told his son about the loan or given him some guidance beforehand on what to do if it got called and Logan himself couldn’t handle it?

So, really, Logan didn’t really raise his kids to take care of things after he’s gone.  Kendall knows the business, somewhat but as well as he should.  Roman doesn’t seem to know anything and doesn’t care to learn.  Shiv is using inappropriate tactics to get her way.  And Connor, well, he at least claims he doesn’t care.

These people are more screwed than they know.

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