Doctor Who “The Hungry Earth”

Wait, Craster is in this one?  What was this batch of episodes?  The one where we get a lot of secondary (or lower) Game of Thrones characters do guest shots?

Then again, this is a seemingly nice Craster, so I’ll refrain from saying more along those lines.

See, the TARDIS screwed up again.  Or the Doctor did.  Hard to say.  The point is, his attempt to take Amy and Rory to cool places as a wedding gift didn’t work out as the attempt to go to Rio for Carnival ended up in Wales about ten years in their future.  Heck, they even see themselves on the other side of a ravine.

So, the TARDIS never goes anywhere where nothing’s wrong, so what’s going on here?  Well, there’s a mine nearby, and a scientist named Nasreen is doing a mineral study with a drill.  Craster is the guy running the mine, and the night before, his son-in-law disappeared.  His daughter and grandson mistake Rory, putting Amy’s engagement ring in the TARDIS for safe keeping, for a cop since, you know, he came out of a police box.

The thing is…the ground in places seems to be alive, something the Doctor guesses is terraforming, a technology these humans don’t have.  No humans do.  But the Doctor remembers there is a race that lives on Earth and that occasionally come up to cause problems:  the Silurians.  The lizard people that live underground and think of the Earth as theirs and humanity as a bunch of johnny-come-latelies that should probably be exterminated.

It may have helped if he remembered that before Amy got sucked underground.

But this is the Doctor, and these are the Silurians.  That means he’ll do like he always does and try to negotiate a peaceful settlement between human and Silurian.  He’s done that a few times.  Granted, he always fails, but he tries.  Heck, he and Rory even manage to capture one.

That comes after Craster’s grandkid disappears.  Oh, and this Silurian, a female, has a very dangerous tongue.  The Doctor decides to do what he always does:  try to negotiate a peace.  That means taking the TARDIS down to the Silurian colony, probably a dozen or so lizard people he thinks, and talk to them.  Nasreen goes along, but the others are told not to hurt or kill the captive Silurian, even though she is predicting that one of them will kill her and she knows which one.

Maybe Craster?  He’s got a bad neck injury from that tongue attack of hers.

Well, two small problems underground.

First, Amy is awake with the missing miner, and he says they’re going to vivisect her.  That’s bad.

Also, the Doctor was a bit off on his calculations on how many Silurians there might be as there’s a whole city of them down there.

That…could be bad.  Might depend on how friendly they are.  But if the Doctor does successfully negotiate a peace with these guys, then…well, there’s a first time for everything.

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