November 29, 2021

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Gotham “Pinewood”

Season Two, Episode Eighteen.

Is Gotham still trying to pretend that Barbara is useful or interesting or anything along those lines?  Because I am not buying it.

Then again, progress was made on the Wayne murder case, and a familiar bad guy got a new look.

So, yeah, Barbara knows how to get Jim in to see Michelle Gomez’s the Lady, the top contractor for hiring hitmen in the city.  This is the woman who works in a hidden room inside a shady nightclub.  Gordon can’t get in there on his own.  But Barbara can because…I have no idea.  There’s no reason, in or out of story, for Barbara to be able to get in there.  There’s some more to it than that, but all Jim gets is a codename because “the Philosopher” never gave the Lady a real name.  But then again, she goes by “the Lady” so who is she to complain?   I mean, she isn’t, but that’s how my mind works.

Then Barbara goes off to stay with Butch and Tabitha because sane, law-abiding people do that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred, using the fixed computer, find a woman named Karen.  She was a convicted murderer who volunteered for something called Pinewood Farms to fix a withered arm.  It worked…after a fashion.  She has claws now.  But she’s rehabilitated, and Thomas Wayne had set her up outside of town.  Will she help Bruce and Alfred get some dirt on Pinewood, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises?  Yes.

Will the three get caught, kill a guard or two, and get arrested?  Also yes.

Can Bruce talk the cops into letting them go?  Well, he can for himself and Alfred.  Karen has to go back to jail.

But she can identify the Philosopher from an old photo of Wayne Enterprises types!  That means…Gordon, Alfred, and Bruce will highjack a prison transport and take her to the photo.

Yeah, Gordon should never be a cop again at this rate.

But by then, Hugo Strange has arranged for Mr. Freeze to take out Karen, and she sacrifices herself to keep the others alive.  Mr. Freeze has some nice, new duds and a freeze ray now.

Well, Gordon sure as hell ain’t getting his job back next episode.  Not with a dead prisoner.  Maybe in two more.  That’s how fast this show goes.

Also how this show goes:  Hugo got one of his corpses to come back to life.  He’s screaming the word “Azrael”.  He’s killing attendants in his surgical suite.  And he’s…Theo Galavan, the man Gordon fatally shot in the head last I checked.

This is also how Gotham rolls.  Best not to think about it.

Wait, is he still technically the mayor of Gotham?

Also, Gordon and the others find a photo labeling Hugo Strange as the Philosopher, so maybe they didn’t need Karen busted out after all.  Also, Hugo didn’t need to kill her.  But he probably would have anyway because he’s that kind of guy.

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