August 14, 2022

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Doctor Who “Amy’s Choice”

The Doctor, Rory, and Amy are flipping back and forth between two realities. Which one is real?

Hey, it’s Toby Jones!  That guy’s awesome, and it looks like he’s having fun as the villain for this episode.  Fun is good.

Jones is the Dream Lord, or so he says.  Apparently, there are two possible realities.  Either Amy and Rory have been married for five years, Amy expecting their first baby and Rory wearing a bad wig with a ponytail as they live out a quiet life in the countryside when the Doctor swings by in the TARDIS for the first time in years or the three of them are stuck on the TARDIS when its power failed and they’re about to freeze to death when they crash into a very cold star.

Whichever one is real, the other is a dream.  According to the Dream Lord, who is kind of a jerk, the three need to decide which one is real and then let themselves die in the other, then they can wake up and save themselves from the real menace.

Because the old folks in that country village are much older than they look, aliens who exhale a deadly smoke that causes people to turn into dust, and they aren’t friendly.

So, the three need to figure out which one is real, something that might be easier if they didn’t flip to the other reality every time they hear a bird tweet.  And man, does the Dream Lord like tweeting birds.

Then again, he seems most insistent on Amy.  See, she’s the one who really needs to make a choice.  Does she stay with bland old Rory, whose idea of adventure is growing his hair out or wearing a bad wig, or does she go with the Doctor and have a life of adventure even if she doesn’t know his name, like, at all?

And that…is the crux of the episode.  Which life will Amy choose?  And, quite frankly, I have had enough of love triangles on Doctor Who as it is, so getting this out of the way now would be helpful.  Plus, after watching previous recent companions (OK, mostly Rose) jerk around the guy whose biggest crime was not being the Doctor, the fact Amy is still even thinking about Rory is rather nice.

Oh, she chooses Rory when he dies fighting back those elderly things to protect her.  Amy just realized she didn’t want to live without Rory, someone she’s known most of her life, so she takes herself and the Doctor out on a minibus or something and they all wake up in the TARDIS long enough for the Dream Lord to gloat and…everything was fine.  They were never in danger because the whole thing was caused by hallucinogenic pollen or spores or something that got stuck in the TARDIS.  Not sure why that meant they all had the same dream, but there ya go.  Rory won Amy’s heart, and they can both travel with the Doctor.

That’s a nice change of pace for this incarnation of the show.  Let the normal guy win once in a while.  And keep the Doctor, essentially, sexless.

Or do something with that River Song person.  But that’s for later.  For now, well, Rory got the girl of his…no, I am not saying that.  I don’t care how much Toby Jones was a fun Dream Lord who may or may not have actually been real.

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