Doctor Who “The Vampires Of Venice”

Vampires?  In Venice?  That’s the Doctor’s idea of a wedding present to Amy and Rory?

OK, to be fair, he had no idea there were vampires in Venice before he got there.

This was a rather fun one, starting with a trip to Rory’s bachelor party where the Doctor pops out of the cake.  And because he’s weird and in this incarnation impeccably honest, he tells everyone present that Amy kissed him, but she’s a good kisser, so good for Rory.

That does not go over well.

Oh well.  He decides to take both Rory and Amy on a trip through time, and he picks a spot:  Venice in 1580.  If there’s anything to dampen the initial trip, it’s that Rory is completely unfazed by the TARDIS being bigger on the inside than the outside because he opted to read up on that sort of thing once he learned the Doctor was real, and he did have two years.  And while Amy is pleased to be doing everything that they do, Rory is more concerned.

See, there’s this whole thing about vampires in Venice, but they’re actually alien fish people looking to replace the humans with themselves.  The Doctor actually offers to help when he learned they were displaced by something called “the SIlence,” but he changes his mind when he learns that one young woman who was partially transformed and who in turn turned on her new race was not only killed, but the disguised brood mother never bothered to learn the girl’s name.  The main plot was fun, showing this Doctor settling into the groove where he’ll be the one saving the day. and there was even a pseudo-scientific explanation for why the fishies were mistaken for vampires.  They did get weak in sunlight, and something about psychic projection to look human kept their reflection from mirrors.

Also, Salladhor Saan, one of the greatest pirate smugglers in Westeros, was a gunpowder merchant who blew himself up.

No, the highlight for me was Rory, the most reluctant companion to date.  He’s mad Amy kissed the Doctor, even though the Doctor did not reciprocate, and he rather accurately points out that people who travel with the Doctor put themselves in danger out of a desire to please the Doctor and be as heroic as he is.  That’s…probably not wrong actually.

Granted, he’s not immune to that phenomena and ends up fighting a fish person to protect Amy.  Small problem:  he doesn’t really know how to fight, he’s armed with a broom, and the vampire fish is the opposite of those things since he has a sword and experience in a brawl.  Amy takes the alien out with a mirror reflecting sunlight, but ultimately, the three work together to save the day, and Amy asks if Rory can come along on their adventures since she kissed him too and he seems to have forgiven her.

The Doctor says sure.  Everyone is happy–or as happy as mopey Rory ever gets–and all seems well.

Until the Doctor notices it is awfully silent outside the TARDIS…

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