March 3, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Chicago”

Season Four, Episode Five.

OK, I am starting to think the plot armor here is literal armor.

So, at the risk of repeating myself far too often, allow me to say once again that June’s level of plot armor at this point in the series is ridiculous.  It’s not that I dislike June or anything.  She’s a fine protagonist.  There are a lot of bland characters on this show, and there are some I feel the need to remind no one in particular are, well, villains that the series seems to think we need to look at sympathetically.

Sorry, Serena Joy was instrumental in setting up the ideology of that rotten society that is Gillead.  Nothing she goes through will make me feel too sorry for her no matter how much her own plans ended up biting her in the ass.

However, with June at this point, she probably should have been dead ten times over by now.  Some plot contrivance or another always seems to allow her to live through whatever awful things are happening around her.  Others are keeping her in Gillead even when she had a clear route out.  OK, that thing is her daughter Hannah, but I sometimes wonder if June remembers Hannah much herself as little as we see and hear about that child.

It’s also a bit of a shame in that there are other much more intriguing characters hanging around.  Janine graduated to that level last episode.  She’s basically June without the rage or, from the looks of her pre-Gillead life, the education and economic advantages June enjoyed as an upper middle class type.

And then there’s two others, Aunt Lydia and Commander Lawrence, who basically strike a deal to help each other out.  Lawrence will use information from Lydia to get himself respect and her her position back, and in return, she can have June if/when June is recaptured for punishment.  Lawrence is a slippery fellow in that there’s a part of me that wonders if he wants June recaptured or not.  He’s not quite an ally, but he’s maybe not an enemy either.  Lydia, I still believe, is a true believer who wants to physically punish the sinners, and June is the worst of the worst.

Something that, in a way, is hard to argue with.  June’s anger seems to stoke people to act out, often recklessly, and it gets other people hurt or killed.  We see it with the rebel group she’s staying with in Chicago, and those folks are far too cautious for her taste.  And unlike others, these folks are not inclined to take advice from the newly discovered Handmaid in their midst.  As such, June strikes out on her own.  Janine follows shortly thereafter because, well, they’ve only got each other now.

Of course, Gilead Central Command decided to follow Lawrence’s advice for a ceasefire with the rebels to let international aid groups in and hopefully alleviate some economic sanctions.  But only after a quick bombing campaign to hit…Chicago.

Cue June and Janine dodging bombs in the otherwise empty street.

Of course, June manages to escape the blasts.  Janine?  Hard to say.  But June is OK because, you know, plot armor that may be literal armor by now.

Oh, and the rescue worker who finds her is Moira as the episode winds down.

Because of course it is.

Well, at least in Canada she won’t need the plot armor quite so much.