March 30, 2023

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Doctor Who “Flesh And Stone”

The Doctor has to deal with a crack in time and the Weeping Angels all at once.

You know, I thought I got the Weeping Angels, but then this story came along…

See, I have some questions.  I don’t necessarily object to the show trying to add more to the Weeping Angels.  They were set up as rather simple horrors in the grand scheme of things.  But these Angels seemed intent to actually break necks and kill people, including poor old Jorah Mormont.

Yes, I know the character had a different name, but I still think of him as Jorah Mormont.  And in a nice twist, he wasn’t evil.  The story he gave out early on about actually trying to neutralize that one Angel turns out to be true.  The mysterious stuff involved River Song because she killed a guy once.  A good guy.  The best guy around, and she’s working off her sentence.

She admits as much at the end of the episode, but she has a tougher spoiler policy than Ryan and won’t give details.  She mostly regrets it apparently, but it was necessary.

The Doctor…buys all that.

But then there’s a Weeping Angel stuck in Amy’s eye.  If she has her eye open, it can come out of her mind and that will kill her.

Um, right.

Point is, there’s a moment when Amy has to keep her eyes closed to walk around a bunch of Weeping Angels to safety.  And she has to walk like her eyes are open.

I thought the Angels could move if no one was looking at them?

Wait, why am I seeing Angels move slowly on camera?  They move fast.

And I still don’t quite get how they are talking through one of their victims.

That said, the fact the captured one crashed the ship it was on there on purpose to use the ship’s energy to revive the others worked for me, and it was nice to see the cleric soldiers try to shoot them in their stone form to no avail.

However, there is that time crack, the one from Amy’s bedroom, and the Doctor can temporarily seal it if something with a lot of chronal energy gets tossed into it.  That can be one Time Lord…or a lot of Weeping Angels.  By then, the only survivors are Amy, the Doctor, and River, partly because the other clerics went to check on the rift and ceased to exist for all of time.

So, why did Amy and the Doctor remember them if they never existed, especially since other people didn’t?

Regardless, everything works out…you know, for anyone who isn’t a Weeping Angel or a guy in uniform.  River departs.  The Doctor takes Amy home in time for her wedding.  The Doctor is a little disappointed to learn she’s marrying the guy with the odd nose (Rory) and not the handsome guy next door,  And then Amy…throws herself at the Doctor.  He pushes her off, but speaking as someone who was a skinny nerd in his youth…man, I would have liked it if someone who looked like Amy Pond threw herself at me.  But the bigger thing is the Doctor realizes the crack in time, well, it’s centered around Amy’s wedding day.

So, they have more to do in the TARDIS before she can get married.

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