August 15, 2022

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Weekend Trek “Brothers”

A mysterious signal sends Data on an unexpected family reunion.

If last week’s write-up dealt with a number of members of the Enterprise crew reconnecting with family, then what happens when another member of the crew, who might not be aware of living members of his family, gets to reconnect with them and one unwanted brother?  That’s what happens with Data this week, and Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts below.


A mysterious signal leads Data to an unexpected family reunion!

jimmy:  Brent Spiner’s gonna need a nap after that one.

tomk:  Why?  Did it exhaust you?

jimmy:  I’m not the one that needs the nap.

tomk:  True.  I know I get a little tired when I need to be in three places at once.

jimmy:  Plus 2 sets of makeup and 3 wardrobes.

tomk:  How did the makeup look on your blu rays?

jimmy:  Looked fine. Soong’s maybe a bit dated from the time period, but nothing stood out.

tomk:  That or you really believed they were different people.

jimmy:  He was almost unrecognizable as Soong. Except to Geordi who recognized him right away, even though Data didn’t.

tomk:  Geordi sees more then he lets on.

Actually, here’s a question: had Data even met Dr Soong before?

jimmy:  You would think so. I’m sure he was functional at the very least when Soong was building him.

tomk:  Data’s backstory seems to be Starfleet activated him.

jimmy:  But I find it hard to believe he wasn’t active before that. Just perfectly created but never turned on?

How would you even know if he worked?

tomk:  Lore worked. Sort of.

jimmy:  And since Lore has emotions, what did he need the emotion chip for?  Unless it was to simply keep it away from Data.

tomk:  Lore knew he was broken and figured the chip would fix him.  Soong’s reasoning–figure out what went wrong with Lore by making Data work right first–makes sense, but Lore doesn’t buy and it and figures he deserves things more than Data does.

jimmy:  The chip possibly fixing Lore was what I figured as well. Seems like it did a really good job.

tomk:  Yes.  Fixed one problem by making others worse.

jimmy:  Isn’t that always the way?

tomk:  And you wonder why I am concerned about your Jimmybots.

jimmy:  There’s only been an incident with them once.  Twice, tops.  It’ll never happen again.

tomk:  They keep raiding my fridge and none of them eat.

jimmy:  Uh yeah, and they certainly don’t bring it back to me. No way.

tomk:  All the snacks you get from me, that wouldn’t make sense.

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  Precisely.  Here’s a plate of tacos.

We are, after all, discussing this on Taco Tuesday, a day Lore does not appreciate as he should.

jimmy:  Well, Lore doesn’t eat.

tomk:  Taco Tuesday is about more than tacos.  It’s about the camaraderie.

It’s a family event.

jimmy:  He don’t much care for family either.

tomk:  He would have been a bad fit for the previous episode.  Even that kid in Sickbay with the bowlcut got that better than Lore would.

jimmy:  You know, maybe the Enterprise shouldn’t have deathly poisonous fruit or whatever it was just lying around.

tomk:  You would point out obvious ideas like that.

jimmy:  That’s why I get paid the big nonexistent bucks!

tomk:  All those gold stars and brownies sure do go to a good cause.

Namely, you.

jimmy:  I know it was supposed to add that little extra bit of tension, but did we really care if they got the kid to the star base on time?

tomk:  Well, you would if you understood who that kid really was.

jimmy:  Do tell.

tomk:  As soon as I figure that out, I’ll let you know.  Right now, I am thinking he’s Kirk’s great-grandson.

jimmy:  Uh huh.

tomk:  Look, he’s really John Connor.

And thanks to Data’s pilfering those toys from Soong’s lab, he’s got the idea to bioengineer dinosaurs to battle killer robots.

Happy now?

jimmy:  Yes. Now I want to see that movie.

tomk:  Eh those things never live up to the hype.

jimmy:  I’ll be the judge of that!

tomk:  You asked for it.

jimmy:  I did didn’t I?  The only Transformers movie I haven’t seen if you don’t count Bumblebee.

tomk:  Bumblebee is Data’s favorite. Bumblebee is also not inferior to Lore.

jimmy:  Data is not inferior to Lore.

tomk:  Repeat that a few more times.  Make sure you know it.


tomk:  Very good.  You get a slice of raspberry danish.

jimmy:  Just a slice?  I need to work harder.

tomk:  Well, you shouldn’t eat it all at once.

jimmy:  Ok, that makes sense.  I would have figured that out if I was smart like Pakled.

tomk:  Who else would be smart enough to pick up Lore?

jimmy:  I’m assuming they’re probably all dead.

tomk:  What do you think Lore made his robes out of?

jimmy:  Ewww.

tomk:  Cotton he bought from that Pakled trader. What is wrong with you?

jimmy:  Ohh…right.

tomk:  Lore only kills when he’s angry. Pakleds aren’t worth it.

jimmy:  Maybe not.  But they’re smart.

tomk:  And they are not inferior to Lore because they keep saying so.

jimmy:  If you repeat it, that makes it true.

tomk:  I know.  I’ve been saying how Amy Adams and I would make a rockin’ couple out loud for three hours, and now we’re engaged.

jimmy:  Nice!  Congrats!

tomk:  Clearly just saying things makes them happen.

jimmy:  If only.

tomk:  So, what did you think of Dr. Soong?  Seemed kinda eccentric but didn’t know what he was doing was endangering a child’s life.

jimmy:  How could he know?

tomk:  He could ask.  Or let Data tell him.  Data knows that much.

jimmy:  Data was a little distracted and then a little offline, but you’re right.

tomk:  He also kept whistling while patting his head and rubbing his belly.  Data can multitask to do stupid things.

jimmy:  True. Even distracted there seemed to be a lot of time that passed where Data doesn’t seem to care about the dying boy on the ship. Then again, he doesn’t have feelings.

tomk:  Or, Soong is keeping him too busy to say anything. Data is unfailingly polite.

jimmy:  Or maybe Data DGAF about some new kid who we never see again.

tomk:  That kid’s brother got chewed out by Riker in the conference room.  Is Riker secretly his real daddy?

jimmy:  Probably not.

tomk:  No, probably not. Just some kids Troi is babysitting.

jimmy:  Do you think if that really happened on a starship, the 2nd in command would be scolding the boy?

tomk:  You’re right. They should let Worf do it.

jimmy:  Might be more effective.


jimmy:  …

Something like that.

tomk:  But we learned a valuable lesson: brothers forgive.

jimmy:  I thought we learned that last week?

tomk:  Crusher had to tell Data.

jimmy:  Because Data doesn’t have a brother.  Oh, wait…

tomk:  I’m sure Data will forgive Lore for patricide.

jimmy:  Maybe Soong should have listed to Data not to trust Lore.

tomk:  Soong didn’t seem to listen to anybody. It’s why Data was able to take over the Enterprise without too much trouble.

After all, the flagship of the fleet after the Borg decimated a ton of ships couldn’t possibly be needed somewhere else.

jimmy:  What were they gonna do?  Dump the kid off in a shuttlecraft somewhere?

tomk:  That’s not Soong’s concern.  He just has Data hijack the ship.  What if they were fighting the Romulans or something?

jimmy:  Maybe Data should have just hijacked a shuttlecraft.

tomk:  That would have made more sense.  You get a grilled cheese sandwich with some ham slices in-between.

jimmy:  That sounds good.

So, if Data did go all “blank” and make his way to a shuttlecraft and try to launch it…how far would they go to stop him?  If they try at all.

tomk:  Shuttlecraft can’t go as far or as fast as the Enterprise, so presumably, he was programmed to get to where he was told to go by the fastest means possible.

jimmy:  That did cross my mind.

tomk:  Lore had to use some Pakled engines.

jimmy:  They must be as fast as the Pakleds are smart. Or popular.

tomk:  Well, they just aren’t Starfleet’s best caliber engines.

jimmy:  So, we’ve obviously seen these before, but any surprise at all at the return of Lore?

tomk:  He’s still a jerk. So, no surprise. Though he does feign happiness for Data very well.

jimmy:  His lying chip was not one that was malfunctioning.

tomk:  Data doesn’t even have one of those.

jimmy:  Soong doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

tomk:  Right. Data had to just learn how to lie when he almost killed that collector guy.

jimmy:  That guy would totally collect Data if given the chance.

tomk:  He collects lots of things, but maybe he’d settle for a slightly damaged Lore.

jimmy:  He certainly would.

Or a Lore with emotions that are like double emotions.

tomk:  So, a Lore that cries extra hard at Pixar movies?

jimmy:  Especially the end of Toy Story 3…I mean c’mon!

tomk:  Or the beginning of Up!

Wait, now there’s an easy way to beat Lore!

jimmy:  Enterprise under attack

Data: Sir, it is Lore.

Picard: Picard to engineering. Mr LaForge, ready the holodeck. “Pixar cinema” mode.

Geordi: Aye Captain.


jimmy:  He looks real broken up there.

tomk:  That’s Data reacting to Lore. Or Picard finding out how angry an android can make him.

So, we’ve met Dr. Soong and Lore is out there somewhere. Do you have anything else to add here, Jimmy?

jimmy:  Well, last episode was about fambly. And this one about brothers. I’m sensing a theme here.

tomk:  Well, what about family you choose?

jimmy:  Friends?

tomk:  Not quite. More like literal family.

jimmy:  Marriage?

tomk:  How about adoption?

jimmy:  As long as they stay away from the poisonous fruit.

tomk:  So, how about a kid who chooses his family?  No poisonous fruit involved.

jimmy:  Sounds good.

tomk:  Then make it so.

Next:  “Suddenly Human”

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