February 5, 2023

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Comic Review: East Of West Volume 8

Death bonds with his son and the Ranger makes his moves as the series starts to come to an ending.

I have a lot on my plate (as always), but I am going to see if I can finally finish off East of West this year.  I didn’t realize the series had ended and all the trades were available, much like with a couple other series I have been reading sporadically.

Point is, I got to the 8th volume of ten, and that’s progress.

Once again, I am back to the world of an alternate timeline’s apocalypse, and as the series ends in volume ten, it may be time to set up the endgame, whatever it is.  That means perhaps clearing the board of unnecessary pieces.  The previous volume did that with the Union President, a rather horrible human being no one will miss whose treatment of her own people finally caught up to her.  No one is going to miss Antonia LeVay.

However, that doesn’t mean the Union is all peace and rainbows as the Endless Nation has its own ideas.

But as much as fallout from LeVay’s demise is in the cards here, most of this volume focuses on Death bonding with his young son Babylon, all while beginning to get an idea of what, exactly, Balloon has been doing with the boy, and the mysterious bounty hunter the Ranger is off seeking revenge for the death of his robotic dog, a death he blames on the surviving members of the Chosen.  Their numbers have been dwindling, and the Ranger doesn’t mind so much that death caught up to LeVay before he could.  He wants to save the Confederate and the Texan for last since they were directly involved in his dog’s death.  But that does lead to Prince John of the Kingdom of New Orleans, a character that has gotten far less attention than the other Chosen, so he’s a bit more expendable.

Even if his father doesn’t agree with that assessment.

Hickman’s story is clearly winding down.  That’s good.  How long should an apocalypse last anyway?  The artwork is still good, and I really haven’t got much to add here.  It’s just the usual solid storytelling for this series.

9 out of 10 purchases at the gun store.

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