July 20, 2024

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Gotham “Into The Woods”

Season Two, Episode Seventeen

It occurred to me, no doubt not for the first time as I watched this episode, that the people of this Gotham City are really, really dumb.

OK, see, there’s a few things going on here.  Gordon was framed for murder in one episode by Ed, broke out of prison with help from Bullock in the next episode, and this one, he manages to clear his name.  That was fast.  Then again, he seemed to get arrested, tried, and convicted of murder inside of ten minutes in the first place, so why not get his name cleared almost as fast?

I mean, Ed is supposed to be a smart criminal.  Naturally, Gordon went to him for help but figured out Ed was the one who framed him.  Now, Ed did have a smart way to knock Jim out, but then the real plan kicked in to trick Ed into heading out to the woods to dig up Miss Kringle’s body in full view of Barnes and a lot of cops.

Then he tired to run away in snow.

See?  Dumb.

Hugo Strange thinks letting Barbara out is some kind of test.  But Barbara seems kinda lame, so I doubt it.

More dumb.

But then we to the most dumb in an episode full of dumb people.  Not the Bruce plot.  That one was kinda smart.  No, I mean the Penguin plot.

Penguin’s biological father was murdered.  Penguin’s new stepfamily decide to…make the mass murderer criminal mastermind into a servant for the lot of them to abuse.  Make him cook his mother’s recipes and insult the food and Dead Mama Cobblepot.  Let the killer have free range in the kitchen.  Do nothing but abuse the guy.

Yes, that doesn’t last.  Of course the Penguin killed those three bozos.  And he was clearly inspired by Titus Andronicus when he did get them.  Don’t know what that means?  Look it up or read it or something.  It’s the most violent play Shakespeare wrote.  That’s all you need to know.

Well, bottom line is, Penguin’s “good boy” days are done.  Gordon got his name cleared but he won’t go back to cop stuff until he finds out who killed the Waynes.  And Bruce got his father’s computer back.  That’s not necessarily dumb, but there’s a lot of charm to the idiots running around this series.