March 2, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Family”

Picard, Worf, and Wesley all have needed time with their families.

After their intense encounter with the Borg, the Enterprise crew may need some shore leave.  Why not see what their families back on Earth are up to?  That seems to be the main idea for this downtime episode, allowing Picard, Worf, and Wesley Crusher to be reminded that family is always there for you…whether you want them to or not.

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that below.


As the Enterprise is repaired following the Borg attack, various members of the crew reconnect with family.

jimmy:  I think Troi still “wins” for most annoying family.

tomk:  Only because she hasn’t knocked her mom into a mud puddle.  Yet.

jimmy:  This was one of those episodes where I felt like the “Next Time On Star Trek…” potentially spoiled the show by showing the fight scene, but it was all a bit of a red herring.

(On a related note, I was glad the “Next Time” promo for “Best of Both Worlds Pt. 2” showed very little if any footage from the show and was more of a recap of the previous episode.)

tomk:  Like communism according to Watson, the fight scene was a red herring.

jimmy:  I didn’t quite care for the brother though.  But that was probably the point.

tomk:  What?  A snooty French guy wasn’t to your liking?

jimmy:  Why is it no one in Future France actually seems French?

tomk:  Because they’re all played by British actors?

jimmy:  Seems like discrimination to me!

tomk:  Like how that Canadian Shatner played the farm boy from Iowa Kirk?

jimmy:  Stop using logic against me, Tom!

tomk:  OK, how about some illogic?

Scotland in Medieval times was often an ally of France, so Groundskeeper Willie’s mockery in that gif makes no sense.

jimmy:  Because everything in The Simpsons makes sense.

tomk:  Now you get it.  Have a breakfast burrito.

jimmy:  Good timing.

So, who did we have in this one?  Worf’s adorable loving Russian parents.  Wesley’s long dead father.  Picard’s brother, sister-in-law and uncle.

tomk:  Geordi got a note from his parents uninviting him to his own birthday party.

jimmy:  We need a “Sad Geordi” meme.

tomk:  That’s just called a Geordi.

jimmy:  haha

tomk:  Also, O’Brien got a full name.

jimmy:  I thought his first name was Chief?

tomk:  Not anymore.  He’s Miles Edward O’Brien, as he told Worf’s dad.

jimmy:  Guess Colm Meaney was excited that day. Or not.

tomk:  Maybe on days when he got to visit a different set.

jimmy:  You can’t spend all your days in the transporter room.

tomk:  Sez you. He’s got a small bed tucked under the control board for napping like George Costanza.

jimmy:  I could use one of those.

tomk:  A transporter control board?

jimmy:  Oh I could definitely use one of them too!

tomk:  You’d just abuse it.  Probably zap yourself to a pub two towns over as soon as your in-laws walk in your door for a visit.

That or you’d beam Watson to the middle of the desert and call it an oopsie.

jimmy:  No, I wouldn’t.

Call it an oopsie that is.

tomk:  You might be putting “oopsie” in air quotes.

jimmy:  I might.

tomk:  Ok, but how about all this family stuff?

jimmy:  It was a quiet episode after the last couple to be sure, but I liked it.  Worf’s parents were loving and not annoying.  Picard’s family, when they weren’t in fist fights were very caring and helped get Picard’s mind right after the Borg.  Wes gets a touching message from his father, one of not many by the sounds of it.

tomk:  Picard, arguably, really needed that. He can’t really show weakness anywhere else.

jimmy:  Though he’s an incredibly fast healer.  Not sure how long after the Borg incident this is, but at the beginning he has like one small little scar on his head, which I’m pretty sure is gone by the time he beams to Earth.

tomk:  It’s the 24th century. Just wave a wand over an injury and it starts to get better.

jimmy:  That’s fair.

tomk:  They might have had to grow Picard a whole new arm.

jimmy:  They didn’t have the budget for that.

tomk:  That’s why it happened between episodes.


tomk:  Why, Picard would have easily kicked his brother’s ass if his new arm wasn’t still a little creaky.

jimmy:  All in good fun.

tomk:  That or he’s been taking too many beers with the Night Crew and Picard is way out of shape.

jimmy:  The Borg don’t do much calisthenics.

tomk:  That’s why they all have exo-suit abs.

jimmy:  It’s like a guy with a bald spot wearing a cap.

tomk:  Eh, those guys always get what’s coming to them too.

jimmy:  At least we were able to avoid a similar scene in the pilot with Troi throwing Picard’s toupee out an airlock.

tomk:  Opening an airlock on a starship is usually a bad idea.

jimmy:  So is a toupee.

tomk:  It’s a good thing there’s no vanity in the future.

jimmy:  So this episode takes place on/near Earth and there are only 3 stories amongst the main crew about family?  Picard, Worf and barely related, the Crushers. No family there for Data. Troi grew up on an alien world. Riker’s family we’ve seen. Just leaves poor old Geordi. Nobody loves Geordi.

tomk:  Obviously.

He only faked blindness to spy on girls.

Though we do hear Riker and Troi went sightseeing together.

jimmy:  Are they dating again or what?

tomk:  I’ll take “or what” for 300, Jimmy.

jimmy:  And those Starfleet guys work fast. How long was Picard on Earth?  Two, three days tops?

tomk:  Long enough to have a good cry and then hug it out before declining an offer to make a new continent or something.

jimmy:  Though he thought about it.

tomk:  Wouldn’t you, just to sneer a bit at Aquaman?

jimmy:  So, what was the point of “raising Atlantis”?  Just to say they could?  Or had they run out of space everywhere else on the planet to put their stuff?

tomk:  Maybe they just hate fish.

jimmy:  They did try to take over in 2297.

tomk:  Yeah, but that was just sad. Fish flopping everywhere unable to breathe, Wesley not even born yet to help out, that one oyster just laughing at them the whole time…

jimmy:  Just proves what I’ve always said: oysters are jerks.

tomk:  Yeah, but usually when you say it, it doesn’t make sense.

jimmy:  Anything else to add here, Tom?

tomk:  Worf’s parents are adorable. They really just wanted to help, and his mother probably makes great GAGH!

jimmy:  They were great, I agree. No drama like say Riker’s dad or Troi’s mom. Just a set of parents that love their son and want the best for him.

tomk:  Even when they don’t understand his problems.

jimmy:  Parents just don’t understand.

tomk:  They never tried the prune juice.

jimmy:  Leave it to Guinan to get to the heart of the matter.

tomk:  The culinary heart.

jimmy:  Probably the main ingredient in that famous pie she makes.

tomk:  Regardless, Worf’s parents start off like sitcom characters like Lwaxana Troi, but less obnoxious and in the end with a lot more heart than Mrs. Troi ever showed.

jimmy:  They cared what Worf thought and felt. Lwaxana, not so much.

tomk:  Good family is good to have.

Unlike some members of the crew…

jimmy:  Poor Geordi.

tomk:  I was thinking of someone else who has family he doesn’t know about.

jimmy:  …O’Brien?

tomk:  Well, no.

How about Data?

jimmy:  He’s already had a “brother” and a “daughter”…those things don’t tend to work out well for him.

tomk:  Would you like to see if his luck has changed?

jimmy:  What do the Vegas odds say?

tomk:  They say Watson and Halbrook just won the Super Bowl.

While playing for the New York Mets.

jimmy:  Man. Vegas is just all over the place these days. Maybe we should just watch and find out.

tomk:  That’s a much better plan.

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