July 18, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #334: The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit: a dangerous enough supervillain that you need a superhero to stop her. Any superhero. Any at all.

Some supervillains are often little better than a joke.  There’s only so much you can do with some names and powers, and loser villains can make a nice change of pace from more serious foes.

That’s the best explanation I can come up for occasional Spider-Man foe the White Rabbit.

First appearing in Marvel Team-Up #131 in July of 1983, the White Rabbit’s real name was Lorina Dodson.  She grew up in a comfortable existence, but was often bored and drifted off into literature, particularly Alice in Wonderland.  At the age of 25, she was married off to one Lewis Dodson, clearly named for Lewis Carroll, real name Charles Dodson.  Small problem:  Lorina’s new husband was fifty years older than her, and that was unacceptable to a twentysomething budding sociopath.

So, she killed him.  She made it look like an accident and said he died happy, so she got away with that.  Now, she could finally live that life of danger and adventure, and she put together a costume that was part Wonderland, part Playboy Bunny.

Using her vast knowledge of literature and far too much time on her hands, she put together a lot of rabbit-themed weapons, formed a gang, and started robbing fast food restaurants.  She apparently was just dangerous enough to attract the attention of a superhero.  That superhero…was Frog-Man.  Frog-Man had some leaping boots, and as the son of minor Spider-Man foe Leap-Frog, he was able to take her and her gang down.

OK, Spider-Man helped.

White Rabbit would from there team up with various other villains, most notably fellow pathetic baddie that Frog-Man often beat the Walrus, sometimes with Wonderland themes and sometimes not.  She’s just annoying enough to pop up when someone needs a villain that is recognizable but only really formidable if she has the right people with her, like during a period where she was involved with Arcade.

The last team-up appears to have been an all-female version of the Sinister Six, one stopped by Spider-Man and jerk villain/Peter Parker’s roommate Boomerang.  That one ended when the Sinister Syndicate (as they were known) ended up assisting Spider-Man to battle the forces of Mayor Wilson Fisk.  the Syndicate were all arrested after that, and…well, I am sure someone like the White Rabbit will reappear at some point.  Probably because a particularly silly hero needs an easy win.

See above picture for proof.

But, you know, Marvel wasn’t the only publisher to make a White Rabbit villain…