March 2, 2024

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Gotham “Prisoners”

Season Two, Episode Sixteen

Jim Gordon went to jail.  The Penguin met his biological father who was played by Paul Reubens.  Which one will I focus on in my write-up below?

What do you think?

Gordon went to jail.  He likewise didn’t stay there very long.  That’s fine.  His murder trial was also over pretty quickly.  Bullock is not the guy who is going to sit around and wait for things like evidence to exonerate his buddy.  Maybe if he didn’t try to chat with Nygma about his partner’s problems since, you know, Eddie put Jim there in the first place.

Of course, it isn’t enough that Jim went to jail.  The warden hates Gordon because Commissioner Loeb is the Warden’s buddy.  But a guard and another prisoner are on Jim’s side, and Harvey did go to someone else for help, namely Carmine Falcone to get…wait, I thought Gordon was supposed to be a honest cop?

Oh, that ended with season one.  Never mind.

Point is, it’s Gotham.  I shouldn’t expect a realistic look at the criminal justice system.

Meanwhile, the Penguin’s father really loves him.  His wife is a former waitress, and their two kids were her kids from a prior relationship.  Now, really, I would think that doing something that could anger a murderous crime lord, even if he is reformed through hardcore brainwashing, would be a really bad idea.  I suppose that would be OK if somehow his new family had no idea he was one of the most famous crimelords in the city.

Oh, they didn’t know that right away.  What was their plan there actually?  Oh, they want to kill off Paul Reubens before he rewrites his will to make the Penguin is sole heir.  Framing the Penguin for that could be helpful, and the old man does have a bad heart.

Or, you know, they could just tell the old man who his son is because they apparently live in an isolated existence that had no idea what was going on in the city!

Wait, the Penguin had already told his father he was a reformed killer, and finding out he was a reformed crimelord actually makes Paul Reubens…proud.


Maybe Penguin’s stepmom can get his stepsister to seduce him!

Oh, he declines.

Stepmom’s son offers to try, but no, the show won’t quite be going there.

Well, the only thing left to do is withhold Paul Reubens’s heart medication and frame the Penguin when the old man dies or something.

You know, as the old man was dying, I couldn’t help but think that…Paul Reubens’s family was being phenomenally dumb for killing the one guy the reformed murderer had come to care for since…well, something tells me that brainwashed reform is not permanent.

Why is this show so gloriously and entertainingly stupid?

Please, never change, Gotham.