April 24, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Gift Part 2”

Deadly spores may destroy humanity unless Sarah Jane figures out what to do really fast.

Well, after two series where the final serial somehow wrapped up in a big chaotic thing involving all the previous stories, we got none of that this time around.

That’s just as well.  This is a much gentler series most of the time regardless.

After all, there really wasn’t much of a common theme to this batch.  Sarah Jane met some aliens, dealt with them in what were often in a more humane manner than one might usually expect, and then that was that.  We got a really nice Rani-centric episode, the kids had to save the day while Sarah Jane was trapped in a painting, and K9 was able to come out of the safe and become a more permanent member of the family.  How do you summarize all that into one overarching two part finale?

The answer seems to be you don’t, but you tell a basically entertaining story all the same.  That’s more or less what happened here.  Rakweed spores are going everywhere and Luke is down.  Rani, Clyde, and K9 are stuck at the school.  Mr. Smith can keep the attic ventilated, but that’s about all.  It’ll be up to Clyde and Rani to find a fix at school while Sarah Jane goes off to confront the Blathereen.

And yes, they apparently are related to the Slitheen.  The Blathereen are just their more subtle cousins.  And it turns out the Blathereen use Rakweed to depopulate planets and then get high off the spores.

Wait, they did that just to get high?  Did they see the end of Torchwood: Children of Earth?

Regardless, this is still a family friendly show.  The school bell somehow kills Rakweed spores, likewise curing anyone infected with them.  So, if Mr. Smith can replicate the same noise on the same frequency, that will work.  Sarah Jane can figure that out once she escapes the Blathereen space ship, and when those two doughy alien chuckleheads beam back to Sarah Jane’s house, the same frequency will make them blow up when the Rakweed they consumed in large quantities turns to methane.

Why do the Slithereen species blow up all the time and splatter all over everybody?

Oh yeah.  This is the kid friendly show.

So, that’s that.  Clyde has to clean up and rely on his own knowledge to pass a science test, and the series ends with a happy barbecue.  I’m fine with that.

Of course, that just means it’s finally time to get back to the last few specials to feature the Tenth Doctor.  I liked his stuff.  Will I continue to do so for what will eventually lead to a regeneration?

Eh, probably.