April 1, 2023

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Mona Lisa’s Revenge Part 2”

With Sarah Jane trapped in a painting, it's up to Luke to figure out how to save the day.

You know something?  The Mona Lisa is not a very nice woman.

To review, Mona Lisa, a woman with what appears to be absolutely no eyebrows, is alive and walking around.  Oh, she’s not the original model for the famous painting.  That woman apparently had bad gas and laughed like a donkey, hence the weird smile.  No, this woman is, well, living paint.  The “brother” she wants is some creature from another painting, one so horrid the artist locked it away with a special key, one that no one has ever seen but might make people mad.  It was painted with the same paint apparently.

Well, that’s bad.

Also, the Mona Lisa can summon anything from other paintings and trap people inside various landscapes.  That’s where Sarah Jane and various other adults went.  The only other adult is dopey curator Mr. Hardy, and he’s a little too accommodating until even he figures out the Mona Lisa is not a nice woman.  Sure, I might feel bad for her since she dries out in the sun so she can’t go outside, but the point stands.  Hardy does wise up, but it took a while.

That comes after Mona Lisa summons “the Dark Rider” from another painting to chase down Luke, Rani, and Clyde.  The Dark Rider, who can’t talk because no one painted a mouth for him, does manage to get Clyde after he got separated from the other two.  By then, Luke has a plan that comes about when Hardy destroys the key but Luke finds Clyde’s sketchbook.  Luke then asks Clyde to draw the key, something Clyde and Rani think is a bad idea because it kinda is until Clyde catches on to what’s really going on.

See, Mona Lisa does get the key.  And she opens up the box her brother is trapped in.

But Clyde had also sketched K9 in there, so the robo-dog comes out blasting and sends the bad brother away forever.  Mona Lisa, now depressed, goes back to her painting with all the other drawings, the people come out, Sarah Jane is proud of the kids, even Rani who didn’t really do anything this time, Mr. Hardy’s assistant is very mad at him, and Luke promises to clean his room.

You kinda had to be there for that last one.

Also, it’s probably a good thing a drawing of K9 is as good as the real thing.

Up next, some familiar-looking aliens return.  Sort of.

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