April 24, 2024

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Gotham “Mad Grey Dawn”

Season Two, Episode Fifteen

Wait, Paul Reubens is playing a rich guy who happens to be the Penguin’s father?  And he’s accepting and loving this time?  That’s…some genuine good casting.  But as much fun as it was seeing the Penguin, now redeemed, bounce around his old acquaintances and get abused with a smile on his face, I think I want to pass on this plot thread for this week.

I want to talk about how Jim Gordon got what he deserved but the show framed it as a bad thing.

See, the audience knows Gordon killed Theo Galavan and then lied about it.  Yes, Galavan might be getting better thanks to crazy crap going on in the background, but the point stands.  Gordon killed that guy.  The Penguin at least initially took the fall.  Lee suspects.  Harvey knows.  Barnes is highly suspicious.  Barnes at least actually cares that one of his cops just killed a guy.

However, much of this episode has Nygma set up a series of crimes to frame Gordon for murder…of someone else.  There’s a lot to it that is rather clever, the sort of thing that, say, Batman would figure out given some time, but Batman doesn’t exist yet, and much of the Bruce plot deals with how he and Selina attempt to rob some drug dealers with some plants from Ivy, get caught, and Bruce reveals that even if he can’t fight that well, he can take a beating better than most.

But no, there’s this big game of faked evidence, a dead cop, Barnes coming it at the right moment, an anonymous tip to Internal Affairs that Gordon capped Galavan and the dead cop was the witness, all of it obviously (to the audience) faked by the future Riddler, and a really good interrogation scene between Gordon and Barnes.  It all ends with Gordon in prison for murder.

That…is one fast murder trial.

So, yes, Gordon didn’t kill the cop.  But he did kill Galavan.  Bullock can swear he’ll find the real culprit and Bruce can be suspicious watching the whole thing on TV as Gordon tells Lee to leave town, despite her being pregnant with their child, but really…Gordon did kill a guy.  Gordon should have gone to jail.  Why are we pretending he shouldn’t have?  Just because this time he’s innocent?  And he’s the protagonist of this series?   Gordon started off as this straight-arrow cop who was beyond corruption, then he killed a suspect.  True, it was a very deserving suspect, but it still happened.  If the Penguin had really done it, that would have been fine in my mind.  Even if Gordon just somehow stepped aside and pretended he didn’t know what Penguin was up to, that would have been better.  But Gordon killed a guy.

Actually, Gordon killed two guys.  The first was that fellow he took down for the Penguin.  I forgot about that guy.  But then again, so did Gotham.

And then to make things even worse–for the audience–Barbara wakes up at the end of the episode.