May 26, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Eternity Trap Part 2”

Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani get to the bottom of the whole ghost thing in the old manor house.

Man, that creepy alchemist Erasmus Darkening sure looks like trouble.  Wait…is that Maester Luwin from Winterfell?  Say, if this Darkening is really an alien lost on Earth from another time and place, could he really be…

Yeah, I know it ain’t Luwin, but I can pretend.

To recap, Luwin jumped out of the shadows to threaten Clyde and Rani after they found his weird machines in the Manor basement.  Sarah Jane and the techie are upstairs looking to somehow retrieve the missing Professor who is Sarah Jane’s friend.

So, here’s the question:  is the Manor really haunted?  Sarah Jane says no.  But then the long lost nobleman with the fancy sword comes out to protect Clyde and Rani, and then his kids leads them upstairs.  Sarah Jane finds her friend asking for help on a phonograph record, and then with the kids and the techie they find…a whole staircase full of ghosts from all kinds of time periods.  That leads to a revelation that the Professor is not quite absorbed yet.

And that is all Sarah Jane needs to know!  Darkening, though a major dick, isn’t human.  He’s from another plane, and the machines in the basement were his attempts to build himself a way back there.  All the “ghosts” are just people he decided to use to get things right, and they aren’t alive or dead, but they can’t leave the grounds.  If the group can do something about Erasmus Assholus, then they can let everybody go free or something.  That means teaming up with the nobleman to distract the alchemist, get him to step into a circle, and turn him into electricity.

Does this seem like a simplistic explanation?  Because it was the best I could do to figure the whole thing out.  My air conditioner runs a bit loud, we’re going through a heat wave, and I missed what happened to all those other people, but the alchemist became electricity, the machine was smashed with the sonic lipstick, and the Professor was freed with seemingly no memory.

Oh, and that nobleman got his kids back in the end.  I just wasn’t sure if they could leave the house.  I guess Sarah Jane doesn’t care enough about some mysteries to actually find out…