March 2, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Eternity Trap Part 1”

Sarah Jane and her young friends investigate a haunted manor house.

You know, after the last few stories have been these highly personal stories about the title character and her various young friends, maybe it makes sense to look into something like a ghost story.

But this is a story set in the Doctor Who universe, so those ghosts are probably aliens.  Probably.

After a prologue tells us that, centuries earlier, some alchemist who never quite got the whole lead-into-gold thing down may have done something to make a nobleman’s two young children literally disappear, and how said nobleman is said to still be haunting his house, we cut to the present as Sarah Jane, Rani, and Clyde are looking to do a story on the place as a professor who seems to be friends with Sarah Jane is there to see if she and her tech-savvy young assistant can scientifically determine if ghosts are real.

Where’s Luke?  He stayed home due to…lack of interest.  Oh, there’s a behind-the-scenes reason, but I just found it odd that Luke of all people would not be interested in something weird.

Now, Sarah Jane and the scientist don’t exactly believe in ghosts, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be weird stuff that science can somehow prove one way or the other.  All it takes is the right clues, and that seems to happen almost immediately when the tower bell starts ringing…and there is no such bell.


Oh, and the scientist disappeared.  On camera.


So, to be clear, there were weird noises, disembodied voices, and even people phasing in and out of sight.  Sounds like a haunted place.  But then to find the professor, Clyde suggests splitting up.  Sure, he says it’s to cover more ground, but I think he may have figured it always worked for Scooby Doo.

Regardless, the tech boy goes one way, Sarah Jane another, and Clyde and Rani a third direction.  They all see more weird stuff, but Clyde and Rani see the weirdest when they find the alchemist’s old lab.  Oh, and there’s some kind of fancy computer hidden in the closet, one that is covered in cobwebs but still working.

That can’t be good.

And then the alchemist steps out of there too.

That really can’t be good.  He’s not friendly.

Maybe Luke had the right idea after all.