March 20, 2023

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith Part 1”

Sarah Jane meets the man of her dreams. Why might this be a bad thing?

So, after a really sweet story that showed Sarah Jane and her friends saving the day without anyone dying or something along those lines…we get another story with Sarah Jane’s name in the title, and that usually means this one really bad guy showing up…

I mean, usually it means the Trickster is trying to alter history again, so let’s see if he’s hanging around.

Hmmm, Sarah Jane is acting weird as far as the kids are concerned,  They’re using K9 and Mr. Smith to track her,, and that would work out fine if those two were able to keep a secret.

But it turns out she’s just dating a guy.

Maybe he’s an alien!  Is this Peter guy the Trickster?

Um, no.

He seems like a nice man.


Luke even takes to him, more or less.

But then Sarah Jane gets engaged, and Clyde, well, he’s still suspicious.  Maybe he should be since Sarah Jane, for some reason, shuts down Mr. Smith.  Yes, Rani and Clyde somehow take care of a small alien, but that’s probably not going to keep working since, you know, they need to take the bus places and stuff.  Sarah Jane has a car.

So, now we have a wedding.  That was fast.  And the show’s budget must be showing since there aren’t a lot of people at this wedding.  Just the main cast, including Rani’s parents, and some random extras.  Clyde explains how the Brigadier and his own mother couldn’t make it, for example.  Oh, and one guest who could have maybe given the bride away couldn’t make it because where would you send the invitation?  He’s not reliable.

Is that the Trickster?

No!  Why would she invite the Trickster?  I mean, I do keep hearing what sounds like the TARDIS in the background, but that’s another issue.

Or is it?

No, it isn’t!  The Doctor does make it!  He comes in just as the officiant is asking if anyone has any objections and how that person should speak now or forever keep their damn mouths shut.

Enter the Doctor!  Objecting to the wedding!

Clyde was maybe smart for smuggling K9 in.

Wait, why would the Doctor object to Sarah Jane getting married?

Maybe because…the Trickster crashed the wedding!

That jerk!

Then he takes Sarah Jane and Peter away.

That bigger jerk!  How dare he do something that hinges on Sarah Jane’s happiness!

Wait, that probably came out wrong…

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