The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Mad Woman In The Attic Part 2”

You know, this was ultimately a really sweet story that, I feel, really shows what sort of show The Sarah Jane Adventures was trying to be, and I would argue succeeds.  It’s a sweet story, the kind that wouldn’t have fit into anything else in the Doctor Who universe of shows, a story where, ultimately, no one died and everyone ended up in a happy place.

I just really dug this one.

So, Old Woman Rani is in the future with some kid named Adam and recounts how she ended up alone.  In the present, she befriended a lonely, psychic, red alien named Eve who bewitched people who Eve felt were as lonely as she was.  Eve isn’t allowed to go outside, and both Henry, the old man watching her, and Sam, Rani’s orphan friend who also knows about her, are worried about someone else.

That would be the red woman in the mirror who read the minds of both Luke and Sarah Jane, seeing their pasts and futures.  Sam says Eve isn’t the real problem, but the quick run through of the lives of Luke and Sarah Jane were well-done.  Luke’s is fairly familiar since, well, we saw all of the past and the future seems to be just Luke graduating.

Sarah Jane’s flashbacks showed her, among other things, meeting the Third Doctor, leaving the Fourth Doctor, and a few other things, and her future showed what looked like the the Tenth Doctor and the TARDIS coming back.

That’s the next serial.

But see, the red woman is Ship, the spaceship that accidentally landed Eve there, and Eve is growing up but she has mental powers that are problematic, so she needs to stay down there.  Rani bringing her out early almost killed Eve.

But that doesn’t happen.  Sarah Jane and Clyde get her to the buried Ship, and once there, Eve is OK and releases her mind zapped “friends” (including Rani by then).  Ship needs a black hole to take off, and hey, K9 has been patiently watching one all this time, so Ship can have it and K9 can come home permanently.  Sam and Henry will go with Eve and Ship and explore the universe, especially since neither had anything going on their own.  The only downside is Rani had made some off-hand comment about how she wishes Sarah Jane and the boys would leave her alone, so Ship made them…cease to exist because Ship doesn’t understand metaphor.


That’s why Rani is alone in fifty years in Sarah Jane’s house.

But then Adam reveals he’s Eve and Sam’s son, and he’s there to fix that, so Rani gets her friends back.  Now the future shows Old Rani, still in Sarah Jane’s house for some reason, but she has a son and some grandkids, and she and Luke just got back from visiting Maria, so really, this was a sweet, sci-fi story where all the characters were just trying to help someone who wasn’t evil, just confused, and it ended with a happy note, even for the robot dog.

And the previews tell me a certain Doctor comes along in the next serial…

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