June 15, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Prisoner Of The Judoon Part 2”

An alien that destroys planets has possessed Sarah Jane, and the Judoon are not exactly helping.

Well, Sarah Jane is evil now, and the Judoon keep upholding the law…even to their own detriment.

How are these guys the top law enforcement agents in the universe?

So, the alien planet killer who isn’t Galactus but is in fact Androvax has merged and taken control of Sarah Jane’s body.  Mr. Smith is set to explode until Luke uses logic to stop it.  That Judoon will make the kids pay to park when they get to the nanite factory because a sign says so.

Seriously, how do these guys get anything done?

Now, if Sarah Jane is under someone else’s control, allowing Elisabeth Sladen to speak in a funny voice and maniacally laugh as needed, then it’s up to Luke to stop her while Rani and Clyde not only evade killer nanites but also keep the Judoon from causing too much trouble.  Part of that involves locking the Judoon in a lab.  Another part involves hitting the nanites eating through a door with a fire extinguisher because cold temporarily stops those things.

However, Luke learns fast and realizes that as much as Androvax the Asshole can talk through Sarah Jane and know things she knows, the reverse is also true.  As such, it doesn’t take much to get Andorvax’s reason for being a genocidal asshole.  Apparently, Androvax went off-world for a while, and when he came back, his planet was dead because the star died.

Hold on.  If his people had space travel, why didn’t they all leave?

Anyway, because his world died, he figures everybody’s world should die.  See, he is an asshole.  Sarah Jane, whom Luke claims has saved more worlds than Androvax has destroyed, gets that much out, and Luke says he can handle things if Androvax just comes out.

That is more or less what happens.  Androvax comes out, Luke uses the newly built spaceship to turn off the nanites before the destroy the Earth, and the Judoon arrest Androvax.  Rani and Clyde get banned from space travel for impeding an investigation, but that’s a commuted sentence because this is still a family friendly show.

So, really, Sarah Jane’s message here is, yes, people and planets die, but that’s only half of it because creation comes next and that’s awesome.

Meanwhile…I would really like more funny Judoon.