Torchwood “Children Of Earth: Day Four”

I knew only one thing about this storyline, and I knew it was in this episode.

But man, it still hit rough, mostly because of how it went down.

What makes that ending so surprising, even if I didn’t know there was still one part left, is it really did look like it was lining up correctly for Torchwood to swoop in and save the day as they always do.  They got their spy Lucy on the inside watching the Prime Minister try to come up with a way to appease the 456.  It turns out they hook themselves up to kids for some sort of…pharmaceutical reasons.  We even learn why the government gave them 12 kids to begin with:  to prevent a plague since the 456 were offering a cure before it git really bad in exchange for 12 kids.

The government thought that was fair and ordered Jack to deliver the kids since if it was a doublecross, he couldn’t die.

OK, so, we have a reason for all this, and to make things more despicable, we have the Prime Minister’s cabinet meeting, observed by Lois, where they all debate how many kids can they give to the 456 politically.  Can they just give up some refugee children and others no one would miss?  The 456 are not quibbling over numbers.  There’s also no way to attack them because, well, no one knows where exactly they are outside of the three-headed one in that transparent cell.  They want their 10% and get kids around the world to chant the number equal to 10% of the children in each country.

That “child refugee” idea…has aged in unexpected ways since this aired in 2009.

Then the cabinet starts talking about who they can spare, say, kids who come from poor neighborhoods that won’t amount to much, and how to spare their own kids, and a whole lot of other stuff until Lucy stands up to say Torchwood is on its way to save the day, and oh, they have blackmail material.

Heck, it’s going so well, that government assassin who kidnapped Jack’s daughter and grandson is on her way to the warehouse to get Gwen, Rhys, and the old man after they tracked Ianto’s cell phone.  Sure did seem odd Ianto would be so careless.

Turns out it was all on purpose.  Assassin woman walks in, and Gwen basically says, “What kept you?”  More evidence that the PM and his people are rotten, and Jack and Ianto go in to tell the 456 to get lost, no kids for them, the human race will fight to protect their children to the last man, check the records, get the hell of our planet.

Man, this is going really well.  But there’s still an episode left.  What happened?

The 456 released a virus into the building that killed everyone but one man who got to a hazard suit.  This is inside a major government building, and most of the people working there were hardly plotting to send kids away to aliens for no good reason.  They even killed the old man remotely.   And sure, Jack will get better.  Heck, the 456 know he will.

But Ianto won’t.

It was a tragic death, given the relationship between Jack and Ianto.  The previous three episodes really brought those up, as Ianto was pushing for recognition of their relationship, and, well, if Torchwood can’t fight the 456, can anybody?

I guess I’ll find out when I get to the last episode of this story.

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