Gotham “A Dead Man Feels No Cold”

Did I miss something last episode?  It sure looked like Victor Fries surrendered himself to the cops, but in this episode, he’s running around loose in a Halloween astronaut suit.  I mean, sure, there were other people claiming to be him because Gotham City is full of crazy people, but still.  Victor just saw his pharmacist thawed out OK and he just got up and left?

Well, no one took his name down, so I guess so.

Look, there’s a lot going on here on the crazyfest that is Gotham as the show finishes up its own version of the origin of Mr. Freeze, and that means we get some crazy stuff going on.  For starters, Victor is out killing cops because he wants his dying wife back.

You know, the woman who knew Victor was doing some sort of experiments but never wandered down to the basement to see them.  Nora Fries has some problems…

But you can’t just give up a hostage to some guy with a cold gun even if he can freeze bullets in flight…something even Bullock thinks is kinda crazy, and he’s been a cop in this town for a while now.

So, where can you hold a dying woman to get her cold-gun carrying husband to come out?  The precinct house isn’t equipped for that.  The General Hospital isn’t really something anyone can secure.  Why not Arkham?  That Hugo Strange guy sure seems helpful.  Lee, who is really pissed about the whole thing, can watch Nora in the infirmary…next to comatose Barbara.  Because even though Barbara is a terrible character, we can’t get rid of her that easily!

Oh, the Penguin is being abused through therapy, but his shouting at Jim for help gets nothing from Gordon but more attention from Hugo Strange.

What do I call that guy?  Strange?  Dr. Strange?  Professor Strange?  Hugo?  I don’t really know.

Regardless, Victor shows up, freezes more cops, and even gets his wife back…because Hugo Strange decides to help him with selective activation of the security system, cutting off cops from Fries and offering a trade:  Nora for a canister of cold stuff.  Victor agrees, takes Nora (with Lee) home, and Nora switches the formulas because she won’t live with Victor like this.  She dies.  Victor, distraught, agrees to surrender.  Lee leaves, and Victor injects himself with the formula to commit suicide.

Well, that sure was sad…maybe.  Gotham doesn’t do sad well.

Oh wait.  Victor lived due to overexposure to his chemicals or something.  Now he has to stay cold.  Hugo Strange got him…along with the bodies of a lot of dead baddies from previous episodes.

Wait, was this a Hugo Strange origin or a Mr. Freeze origin?

I dunno.

Oh, Bruce wants Selina to get him a gun so he can kill Matches Malone, his parents’ killer, before Alfred does, and both Alfred and Selina actually agree that that is a bad thing for Bruce to do.  But Bruce is sure…being Batmanish.

Wait, is Bruce going to take an alias in the future from someone at least ten years older than he is?  How does that work?

Well, this is Gotham, so the answer is it doesn’t work, but they’re going to do it anyway.

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