April 14, 2024

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Gotham “Mr. Freeze”

Season Two, Episode Twelve

Wait…Mr. Freeze is an adult?  I’m starting to think the Batman of this universe is less a brilliant fighter so much as he is taking on people well past their physical prime here.

Regardless, longtime Batman fans know Mr. Freeze’s backstory.  He’s a scientist whose wife has some kind of incurable disease.  He puts her in cryogenic freeze to find a cure, but an accident changes him into a man who cannot tolerate heat.  And he has a freeze gun.

Meeting him here, we see he hasn’t gotten much beyond the freeze gun because he’s still trying to perfect a system of freezing and then thawing a human being without killing them.  Apparently, he’s going around and freezing random weirdos on the street, and he would have continued to go unnoticed if he didn’t freeze a cop that was asking him about the frozen dude in the back on his van.

Then again, Jim Gordon is under suspicion for killing Theo Galavan, but he said the Penguin did it.  Fortunately, when the Penguin is brought in, he says the same thing.  Then he claims insanity, sending him to Arkham.

Oh, there’s B.D. Wong as Hugo Strange.  That can’t be good.

Now, here’s the thing:  Victor Fries is doing his thing, and he then decides to freeze the jerk pharmacist who wasn’t filling his wife’s prescription.  That gives the cops a name (Nora Fries) and an address, and off they go to arrest…Nora.

Well, she was home.

She also apparently had no idea what Victor was doing in the basement.  Yes, he openly talked about how his experiments weren’t working, and we saw one victim turn into a puddle of goo, and that’s the worst kind of puddle.  But she didn’t ever check the basement?  Or ask Victor how he was conducting those experiments?

Well, she is under arrest.  Victor then decides to do the right thing and surrender.  Too bad this is Gotham City, and lots of crazies are also there claiming to be the same guy.  So, maybe Victor will have trouble proving…oh wait, the pharmacist thawed out and is OK.  The experiment worked?

That…may cause some trouble.