May 22, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith Part 1”

Sarah Jane gets a chance to see her parents, but things go very wrong.

One of the reoccurring backstory elements to Sarah Jane Smith’s life is her parents died when was a baby, leaving her to be raised by a wealthy old aunt.  Every so often, she gets a little wistful for the parents she never knew.

That could be a problem.

What starts off looking like a very simple adventure goes…very differently.  Sarah Jane and her youthful allies find some Harry Potter-lookin’ kid pop out of a time warp, and it doesn’t take them long to catch the kid and try to send him home.  Faux-Potter is scared, so Sarah Jane takes him through, only to find herself in the past.  Namely her own, near the village where she grew up.  Surely there’s no harm in looking around?

Well, she doesn’t think so right away, initially going back to the kids, but then she thinks about it some more, gets herself some period appropriate clothes and goes back.  Luke follows because, well, Sarah Jane might be tempted to mess with a fixed point in time, and that’s never good idea.

Meanwhile, Clyde and Rani seem to spend a lot of time wondering where Sarah Jane and Luke are because they had to be doing something.

That might come in handy because they found Sarah Jane’s puzzle box, and hers doesn’t pop out Cenobites so much as allow anyone holding it to remember things in case someone alters history.

Wait, Sarah Jane won’t do something stupid, will she?  I mean, she met her parents, saw herself as an infant, Luke is nearby to make sure she doesn’t hold herself and cause a time paradox, and…wait, that Harry Potter kid is that little jerk who works with the Trickster.

And Sarah Jane just realized it’s the day her parents died.

And so, she sabotaged their car.

C’mon.  Even Luke knew that was a bad idea.

Wait, Luke is smart.

Clyde would have known that was a bad idea.

After all, doing that causes history to change, with Clyde and Rani holding the puzzle box as the city around them turns into a nasty crater.  Sarah Jane and Luke see something similar, but they also see that Trickster dick.

See, stop trying to change fixed points in time.  It never works out…