April 24, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Mark Of The Berserker Part 2”

Luke and Rani need to figure out a way to save Clyde while Sarah Jane is out of town.

Man, Sarah Jane picked a bad time to be out of town.

Good thing Luke and Rani are generally resourceful.

Of course, with Clyde told to forget his friends (and later his mother), it comes down to Luke to do the smartest thing he can think of…he tries to call Sarah Jane, but she’s off somewhere chasing an alien slug where mobile phones are not advisable.

So, Luke then calls the next person he can think of:  Maria.  Or, more accurately, Alan.  Since he’s so good with computers, surely he can hack into UNIT”s system and find out what that pendant was that Rani drew a picture of.

Considering Alan had never even heard of UNIT before, he does a good job getting in.  The pendant came from an alien race (duh) called the Berserkers.  They used to run with the Vikings, using the pendant to lead armies, said pendants eventually changing the wearer into a Berserker.

Clyde’s dad Paul doesn’t know that.  He’s just using the thing to get a lot of free stuff that will somehow not get him arrested after the episode ends.

So, there we are.  Clyde, told not to worry about it, is living a life of crime, and Luke and Rani have to get Clyde’s mom to find them–luckily Alan figured out a way to use UNIT’s systems to track Clyde’s mobile phone.  But as Paul changes more and more, will the kids be able to stop him?

Um, no.  Fortunately, Alan gets through to Sarah Jane, the one person Clyde didn’t forget.  There’s some talk, Paul starts to change, but Clyde talks him out of it, and after a heart-to-heart with both of his parents, we learn Paul was scared because he was going to be a father again with his new girlfriend/wife/Clyde’s mother’s sister, but he’s learned a few lessons, so he’ll be OK.  Clyde uses the pendant once to make his mom forget everything, and then he tosses the pendant into the sea.  Problem theoretically solved until some  mind-controlling fish comes along.

Best part is, Sarah Jane isn’t even mad at Clyde, figuring she would have done the same for her parents since she never really knew them aside from an old photograph.

Judging from the preview for the next episode, I hope for her sake they weren’t jerks.