April 21, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Mark Of The Berserker Part 1”

Clyde's absentee father gets his hands on something he shouldn't...

Man, things go bad when Sarah Jane heads out of town…

Yes, that is what happened here.  Sarah Jane went out of town for the weekend and left the kids on their own.  Granted, they aren’t all her kids, but she left Luke at Clyde’s house and off she went to do…something.  It doesn’t much matter.

The problem is Rani found a classmate was wearing some weird pendant that got people to do exactly what the boy said.  That’s not hyperbole.  It did exactly what he said and didn’t understand metaphorical language.  Telling someone to shut up robbed the victim of their voice and so forth.  It also caused blue veins to run along the kid’s body until he tossed the pendant away and got better.  Rani picked it up to investigate what was going on.

She found out it worked too well when she tested it on her dad, even telling him he’d die if he could see himself, and then realizing how dangerous that pendant was.

Small problem:  when Sarah Jane is out of town, she leaves Mr. Smith off too.  Rani just leaves the pendant behind and goes to find the boys.

That has its own problems.  Luke is learning a lot about Clyde, like how his friend cooks and draws stuff.  He also learns Luke’s father is not around anymore until the man shows up to talk to the son whose age he doesn’t know.  Clyde at first wants nothing to do with the man, but then he waivers and even tells his father what he does with Sarah Jane.  To prove it, he takes his dad over there, and Clyde’s dad finds the pendant next.  Since the pendant seems to have some hypnotic powers of its own…that isn’t that surprising.

Also, Clyde’s dad figures out pretty fast how it works when he also makes Rani’s father do stuff.  Now, Luke and Rani are responsible types, so they show up to stop Clyde’s father…only Paul Langer orders Clyde to forget his friends and follow his dad.

And yes, Clyde then forgot who Luke and Rani are.

See, this is why Sarah Jane shouldn’t leave these kids alone.