June 12, 2024

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Ozark “Su Casa Es Mi Casa”

Season Three, Episode Six

Week in and week out for the Ozark write-ups, I put a lot of thoughts and words into Wendy and Marty Byrde, the state of their marriage, and so forth.

And a lot happens in this episode between them, but there may be more to say about the other people in their orbit whose lives are perhaps worse off because of those two.

Now, the most obvious people in that bunch would be Charlotte and Jonah.  Yes, Helen’s daughter Erin wants to hang out with an obvious bad dude (and FBI informant), but Charlotte is trying to get Erin to leave while Erin won’t.  Jonah then does something unexpected…he shows off his firearms skills.

Yeah, the douchiest guy Erin could possibly fall for challenges Jonah to shoot some bottles with a handgun, something the boy does very easily because Buddy taught him very well.

But it turns out that shooting guns off can bring the attention of the police, leading to Charlotte, Jonah, and Erin, with further fallout between Helen and Wendy on one side and Helen and Erin on another.  It might have been easier had Erin known what Helen and the Byrdes really do, but Charlotte promised not to tell her new friend.

And why anyone messes with Jonah these days, I cannot begin to tell.  It’s probably only a matter of time before he shoots a person.

And then there’s Ruth and Ben.

Ben, finding performance issues with Ruth, goes off his meds.  Yes, he’s bi-polar.  Yes, Wendy knows this and warns Ruth.  And yes, Ruth doesn’t quite listen and hooks up with Ben anyway.  Sure, Ben seems alright now, but that will not last.

Regardless, as much as Ruth’s life before the Byrdes showed up wasn’t all that promising, she has it rough now.  Defending Marty got Wyatt to move in with Darlene and, um, yeah.  Defending the casino got her on Frank Jr’s bad side.  And being the one who goes to pick up the money for laundering got her in a really bad scrape when someone hit the truck and killed all the guys around it.  Ruth only lived because Ben and Jonah were watching with a drone and warned Ruth ahead of time.  While living in a trailer with a bunch of shifty, not generally all that bright male relatives and pulling low level scams was not the idea situation for anyone, it does seem as if Ruth was at least not dating bi-polar men or barely avoiding getting blown up in a giant fireball.

Just sayin’.

Then again, the only person who seems to see the Byrdes as the cause of the area’s problems is Darlene.  But then the cartel doesn’t want her poppy seeds anymore, and Helen points out growing poppy next to a casino under FBI observation is probably a really stupid idea.  So, really, Darlene may not be the best judge of character around right now…