July 20, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Secrets Of The Stars Part 2”

Sarah Jane is powerless to stop a mind controlling astrologer, but one member of her gang is a different story.

You know, it occurs to me that this show does something that its parent show doesn’t do so well…namely letting someone besides the title character save the day.  That is rather cool and thoughtful of Sarah Jane.

I mean, we saw Clyde save the day last time, but he won’t be doing that this time because he’s been mind whammied to destroy Sarah Jane and the others with nothing.  As in, there’s nothing going on, but there will be nothing left of Sarah Jane, Luke, and Rani if they don’t do something.

This is a show with a nonviolent protagonist, so she tries reasoning with Clyde…and somehow, it works. Eventually.  Clyde snaps out of it, but that Trueman guy is calling on different star signs, and every time he does, everyone born under that sign goes into a trance and walks off to do whatever it is Trueman says as the ancient light comes from the great conjunction or something.  One of those once-in-a-bazillion years things.

Oh, and Rani’s mother is among the first to go under.

Now, Clyde is free and won’t go under again, and Sarah Jane figures she can reason with Trueman and get him to stop, so off the group goes to confront him as he zaps one sign after another, taking over more and more people.  Clyde bluffs their way inside, and Luke figures if they cut the power to the building, they can at least stop the broadcast.

Except…Sarah Jane’s reasoning didn’t really stop Clyde, and Sarah Jane doesn’t even know Trueman that well, and since he was tired of being some sort of perpetual loser, he isn’t about to give up the chance to be the King of the Universe.  Even as he takes over more people, including Rani, there’s no way to stop him.

Wait, Luke doesn’t have a birthday.  So, he has no star sign.  So, he’s immune to the guy’s power.  It was putting his hand on Clyde that snapped Clyde out of it.  So, having Luke join the circle of hands from Trueman’s inner circle snaps everyone out of it, knocking the power back, but Trueman, he can’t go back to what he was, so he goes away with the power or something.  If he wasn’t out to take over the world, he might not have been such a bad guy.

So, Clyde saved the day first, then Luke.  Rani’s turn is next, right?

Eh, I’ll find out.