March 3, 2024

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Gotham “Worse Than A Crime”

Season Two, Episode Eleven

Well, midseason finale and all…time to bring down a crime lord and all that.  That Theo Galavan really has it coming.

But maybe the real highlight was Bruce Wayne, kid that he is, starting to show more of a Batman side.

After all, Bruce has been locked up in the basement.  The Dumas/Galavan family is going to execute him.  Alfred only barely got away, and he ended up in lockup when a cop tasered him.  Fortunately, Lucius Fox with those intense eyes of his was there, and even better, Bullock.  Gordon is a wanted fugitive, but he’s with the Penguin.

That can’t possibly make things better.

As it is, a likely and unlikely group of allies gather to either rescue Bruce or avenge themselves against Galavan.  Gordon is there already.  Then there’s Penguin and his anonymous goon squad.  Eddie Nygma isn’t there, but he does send people there.  Alfred arrives with Bullock and Lucius.  Lee went there to talk Gordon out of it since she is apparently pregnant and all, but she decided that wasn’t gonna happen as soon as she learned Galavan had Bruce.  Selina even shows up, knowing how to sneak in.  Lucius alone won’t be going since he isn’t good in a fight, but off they go.

However, much of the episode shows Bruce, well, being Batman.  He sits silently for much of it, brooding,  Silver was sent down to break his heart again.  Naturally it doesn’t work.  He just sits there silently, looking kind of intense for a kid his age, and doing just enough to maybe keep Silver out of trouble, especially when her escape attempt goes wrong.  In the end, Bruce manages to break Silver’s heart as he silently goes off to be stabbed to death by a crazy priest.

Oh, and afterwards, he tells Alfred and Selina he had his own escape plan already worked out.  Yeah, I don’t think that would work, but that is so Batman.

Anyway, after Gordon and his posse of criminals, butlers, and cops show up and show those dumb monks why brings knives to a gunfight is a terrible idea, Galavan goes to escape with his sister and Silver by parachuting out of a window.

Never change, Gotham.

Of course, Tabitha has had enough of that dick, particularly since there were only two parachutes and he was all set to leave Silver behind, so she pops him one and gives Silver the chute.  Gordon shows up, cuffs Galavan, and Theo apparently already forgot all those fancy martial arts he was already using just one episode earlier.  Will he be going to jail this time?

Nope!  Penguin wants revenge.  And this time…Gordon will go along with it.  Oswold takes Theo down to the beach where Oswold gives him a savage beating over the death of Mama Cobblepot, and then Gordon shot him in the head.

By-the-book cop Gordon shot a guy in the head?  Well, that escalated quickly.

Anyway, the midway points ends with some moments for future plotlines.

Gordon proposes to Lee.

Galavan’s body is among the many in the hands of Hugo Strange.

And Mr. Freeze just killed a guy in a suit.

Wait…Mr. Freeze?