June 22, 2024

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The Plot Against America “Part Three”

Episode Three

I mentioned last time how much this show has been representing fascism in various ways, and the more I see, the more I want to read the novel this show is based on and find out how much these fascist signs were in the original book and how many were invented for the show.

I seem to have seen another one.

It’s after the inauguration, and Herman is bound and determined to stay just as Bess is making inquiries to move to Canada.  Sure, there’s a lot of swastikas painted on tombstones at the Jewish cemetery, but Herman is kind of loudmouthed guy who refuses to sit down and be quiet even for his own good.  There’s a bit of bravery to that, but it clearly isn’t helping all that much.

But then there’s the Just Folks program.

See, one of the signs of fascism is to suggest (or outright say) that certain people are outsiders, and there’s some sort of pure citizens of whatever country is at the center of it all, and such people are almost always good rural stock.

Just Folks sends Jewish kids from the city to live with farm couples to teach the kids to be good Americans.

It may or may not be Bengelsdorf ‘s plan.  He’s for it.  So is Evelyn.  She talks her nephew Sandy into trying to sign up for it.  Herman is, initially, not in favor.  He sees it for what it is, among other things being the suggestion that Jews are not Americans.  Only now he’s arguing with Evelyn over dinner, shouting he’ll gladly sign Sandy up once the program sends a black kid from the city to live with a white family.

But then the family takes a trip to Washington, one where their vacation is cut short when the hotel decides they can’t stay there more than one night despite their reservations.  Oh, I felt so bad for the guide Herman hired, a former history professor who never really said what his own political philosophy was but still was gracious as Herman loudly bagged on Lindbergh, picking fights that didn’t get worse because Bess was there to stop him.  The guide’s quick thinking did help keep Herman from being arrested by the looks of things, too.

Granted, the guide is the reason Herman signs Sandy up for Just Folks, reasoning that if Sandy meets people like the guide in Just Folks, that will make it worth while.

Meanwhile, Alvin goes into some deep cover stuff for the British military and loses a leg.